Polar Pilsen already has its six ambassadors

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The beer preferred by all Venezuelans in the framework of its 79 years begins to give the first surprises on its platform Polar Girls in 2020, and already reveals novelties by strengthening its new team of brand ambassadors with 2 new and talented Venezuelans

Year after year Polar Pilsen highlights and pays tribute to the beauty and talent of Venezuelan women through their Polar Girls who, since 2001, accompany consumers of the most Venezuelan beer in the country.

After 19 years of this platform, one of the most anticipated moments by his Venezuelan followers is the unveiling of the new members, therefore, Polar Pilsen offers the scoop, so that its consumers accompany from the beginning of the process the new team of beautiful girls in everything that implies being part of the brand that Knows Us.

In 2020, two new beautiful and talented Venezuelan women join the group: Fabianny Zambrano and Esthefany Kolman, who will debut alongside the renowned Anmarie Camacho, Elizabeth Coello, Adriana Marval and Marie Claire Harp to continue connecting with Polar Pilsen consumers and take them experiences that exalt the Venezuelan and pride in this beautiful country that always offers a Polarcita.

“In a country with a diversity of beautiful and talented women, it is a challenge and a pride to nurture the group of ambassadors of the beer brand that most identifies with Venezuelans and that year after year seeks to surprise consumers with varied content, interesting and that is part of your day to day, ”he said Juan Matos, Manager of the Traditional Segment of Cervecería Polar.

Matos also commented: “The traditional Venezuelan beer continues to strengthen its link with the country, highlights the beauty of its women, which are characterized by being in addition to beautiful, hardworking, successful and forward-thinking, this is what this new team reflects, with which we continue to demonstrate that we believe in Venezuela and its talent. Year after year more expectation is generated with the casting, and we reinforce the meticulous criteria and under the work of a multidisciplinary team we select the girls that represent the Venezuelan woman and everything that characterizes those born here. ”

By 2020 Polar Pilsen will arrive at 19 editions of its platform "Polar Girls", transcending its paper format with the traditional physical calendar to adapt to innovation and new forms of content consumption. More than forty (40) prominent Venezuelan models have passed through this important platform, among which many remember Andrea Matthies, Norelys Rodríguez, Gaby Espino, Dayra Lambis, Marjorie de Sousa, Norkys Baptista, María Fernanda León, Zoraya Villareal, Ly Jonaitys , Ivanna Vale and Gabriela Ferrari, among others.

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