Podcast days in Madrid

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Podcast days in Madrid

podcast daysThe podcast days in Madrid are called JPOD18, and in this case it refers to the XIII National Podcasting Conference.

A unique event where podcasters, listeners, producers, media or companies have a space to exchange ideas, listen to live podcasts or attend conferences and talks about the medium.

If I write about this today, it is because together with 6 other people I have organized these podcast days in Madrid.

David Mulé, AGirl, Jorge Marín, Gemma Ayats, Rubén Galgo, Blanca Santamaría and I have taken care of the management and organization of this event all these months.

Today, before the JPOD18 occur, I want to write these lines to summarize what we have prepared and thought so that you can go and enjoy podcasting in the best way we have conveniently believed.

In addition, I will also use these lines to highlight my colleagues in the organization.

How have we prepared these podcast days?

It is possibly a question that nobody asks tomorrow October 5, the day we will open the doors to this event, but I am free to write as much as I want.

If you do not know this event, the first thing you should know is that these podcast days are organized altruistically, that is, we do not earn absolutely any money with them.

If you already know the event, we are fortunate to have received great support from the big community surrounding the world of podcasting, but on top of that We are going to get more people to come who did not know these days or had no interest in them.

jpod18 organizers

Tickets were sold many weeks ago, the marathon of 10 hours of continuous emission to gather support through crowdfunding was a resounding success and until the last minute we have not stopped receiving emails requesting tickets or trying to know the way to be credited to the podcast days.

We have had to say to many people that no, that we cannot do anything because we have no way of being able to accredit them to access.

On the one hand, it creates a bad taste in your mouth, but on the other hand and feeling very much for those people, I must declare that It is a great satisfaction to verify that demand exceeds supply by a very large percentage, And that's very good.

What can be seen in JPOD18?

He programming schedule you have on the JPOD18 website , and as you have already seen the schedule and have even chosen which talk or podcast to attend, I think I have total freedom to say what I would like to see if I had the possibility.

I say if I had, because I think I'm going to miss 95% of the activities, and that for me that I am such a fan of congresses and events because the truth hurts a little.

Friday morning

On Friday morning I am totally clear that I would love to see the international Podcasters talk with my dear friend Oliver Oliva as moderator, and 3 people that I do not know so much personally but in the last time we have been able to exchange impressions such as Nicolas Moulard, Felis AnnouncerCo and Melvin Rivera.

I would not miss the talk that Cuonda will offer about brands and the podcast because I find it very interesting, although the people who come to the journalism in the podcast the truth that we have achieved great communicators.

Spreaker's talk seems to me to be an announcement that has taken a lot of my attention for the novelty and because it is in this event where it will be announced.

And finally, I confess that this is the talk that I would most like to be able to attend, is that of the legal matter. We have achieved that a great professional can talk to us about intellectual property rights, so necessary for all podcasters.

Friday afternoon

Everything organized during the afternoon is so extremely important, that anything I can tell you is the same or better than the other, but if there is something I am left with, "The quality in the podcast" that Juanma Ortega and Teo Rodríguez give us They will give their vision and tell us their experience.

But I can assure you that both the organized in the hall and the organized in the rooms will not disappoint you at all.

Saturday morning

On Saturday morning in these podcast days begins with a «Work Forum» that continues to last year, and while in the other rooms you will have a workshop with Borja Girón, live podcast and talks by Ivoox and Telefónica .

I am very clear that if I could attend as a listener to these days, I would not miss what Ivoox and Spreaker want to tell us, for me they are two of the most important suppliers that there are for our community, and especially with Ivoox I would love to know more closely and chat about how to improve my podcast.

Saturday afternoon

Patxi JPOD18As I tell you it is as if the hours were going through my head very quickly when we have been preparing the entire program for months, with negotiations, discussions and many headaches.

The highlights of the afternoon are of course the two talks of the most important suppliers for our community, Ivoox and Spreaker, a fight of titans that each will have its own vision of the environment.

Later you will be able to find two other main dishes, the live podcast of the Podcast Nation community and for me one of the most anticipated workshops of all these podcast days, this is the speech workshop taught by the Luisa Ezquerra School, admired and dear to so many professional voice sectors.

And finally the awards gala, which I hope you enjoy very much, the simple fact of belonging to this organization is already an award so I take it as an end of the apotheosis party.

My organizational partners

As I said, I wanted to dedicate some sentences before starting my JPOD18 organization partners, and that you know where you can find them during the event.

Blanca Santamaría

It will be one of those responsible for receiving attendees at the accreditation table, accompanying and directing people to make the event organization as fluid as possible, a luxury to be able to work with her on administrative tasks all this time on such boring tasks sometimes like sending many and many emails, and contacting people on the programming has been a hard task to have everything ready on the day of the event.

Ruben Greyhound

The culprit of all the branded of MADPOD and JPOD18, an incredible professional who has been in charge of being aware that the whole image of the event is of exceptional quality, we have gone to multiple meetings with many people together and work with him elbow With elbow almost from the first day it has been an apprenticeship for me, you can find him in technical tasks in these JPOD18 and networking, I will miss him the next few weeks because I always want someone like him near me.


I do not have your authorization to declare your identity, I can not tell you anything that is not good about her, she is my friend, she is an incredible person who has not stopped working at JPOD even at times as hard as the last days, You can find it in the accreditation tables, it has been our supporter of all the texts that have been published in JPOD18, being the liaison with the volunteers of the event and a tireless personal agenda for all the organizers of the event.

Jorge Marin

He sowed the seed some time ago, possibly one of the most visible faces of this project for all his years in podcasting and being known to many people within the community. Everything that has to do with the technical part of the event is the complete one in charge of it because it is a crack, all this time of organization we have been able to discuss every thousand times every day about a thousand topics with the sole objective of making these JPOD18 a true Show for you, and I am pleased that we are going to get such a complete and well organized event.

Gemma Ayats

Tireless, organized, fighter, rebel …, and I could go on for hours and hours writing qualifications about this exceptional woman with whom I have worked side by side, as with Rubén, in all kinds of negotiations to make these podcast days possible. You can find it in the JPOD18 taking care of everything, is the director and responsible for the day of the event everyone is in place and everything is prepared so that from the technical side Jorge Marín has no problem. For me, the typical person I would always want to work by my side.

David Mulé

The head of media, communication and press of the JPOD18. A true figure that during all these months of preparations has been responsible for being on all open fronts of the organization, from programming, meetings, planning, contacts and provide your event idea so that these JPOD18 are also a success , his pace of work in recent weeks has been frantic to contact media that cover the event and you can find him during the days doing interviews, organizing networking and taking pictures together with the team that will accompany him.

We have not been alone

But we have not been alone, we have been accompanied from almost the first day by Alfonso Buenavista, our Community Manager, we have also been accompanied in various tasks by people as great as Monica de la Fuente, Francisco Izuzquiza or Gorka Zumeta.

And we have received all the support from our volunteers who altruistically will also help us to enjoy these podcast days in Madrid, I talk about:

  • Nieves Linares
  • Julio Mendez
  • Sara Gomez
  • Javier Fernandez
  • Victor Doc Further
  • Francisco Martin
  • Veronica Gonzalez
  • Leticia Giménez
  • Alicia
  • Gonzalo Cuélliga

JPOD18 volunteers

And I hope not to leave many more people in the inkwell, and if so, please write to me privately and remind me, in addition to apologizing for it, but there are so many things …

I could tell you many more things, but I just have to run to continue organizing things of these JPOD18, and that is why I can not tell you anything about me, what I have done and will do in the event … I am very bad talking about me .

Just tell you that I am very proud of my work contributed to these JPOD18, of the hours spent, the dislikes, the joys, the bad days, the good times, the company and of being able to start a family with my organizational partners.

I hope next week I can write to you about my impressions after JPOD.

A pleasure and I wait for you at the entrance of the Luchana Theaters from 9 in the morning.

The entry Podcast Days in Madrid appears first in Iván Patxi.

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