Playstation 5: the next big console

Sony have revealed that it is working on the development of its next consoles, but has not yet made a real announcement confirming the name, price or release date.

According to an anonymous source, Sony will organize an event called PlayStation Meeting 2020 on February 12 of next year, where the PlayStation 5 will make its debut.

Apparently, this information comes from an email sent by the PlayStation senior marketing manager.

According to reports, the email also says that third-party publishers such as Activision, Square Enix, Ubisoft and EA will also be invited to show their next-generation titles for the PlayStation 5.

It is worth noting that the PlayStation 4 was initially presented at a similar live event on February 20, 2013 and reached the market at the end of that year.

Whether this rumor is legitimate or not, it is certainly possible that Sony will follow a similar script in 2020, since Microsoft has already confirmed that its next Xbox (which bears the code name of the Scarlett Project) will be available for purchase before End of next year.

There is no doubt the future Sony console will be much more powerful than his predecessor There is even talk that PS5 might be able to move games up to 8k. Something for which, currently, there are very few compatible televisions.

We will be waiting for more ads or leaks to learn more about this expected console by all gamers.

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