Planning is essential in running

Today you will see this in My Ironman:

Fever for running It is not new and more and more popular people are thrown on the asphalt with the desire to join an athletic fashion, at the same time healthy.

But like everything in life you have to have a plan to start running, because anyone is not trained to run, both for their physical condition and for the minimum needs to take into account to go running.

They are basic issues Footwear as well as a physiological test to avoid scares, apart from pants and technical shirts. But in addition the previous physical preparation is elementary, hence it is advisable until the hiring of a personal trainer.

Even for runners
usual before any race you have to run several times a week.
Even more if it is the first time, because everything should be more specific and

The initial expectations should not be high, although the desire to overcome is inescapable. You have to enjoy the simple fact of go for a run, alone or in a group, yes, always taking into account its dangers.

Hence the importance of proper footwear to avoid knee problems, as well as in the tread. Fasciitis Planting is very common and painful for the most intrepid runners.

The sportsmanship it has to be taken with moderation, although
it will always be preferable to exercise than to stay on the couch or
practice the ball armchair-ball ’.

You have to do sports, and athletics is one of the most
accessible, but the ideal in all cases is to be humble with us
same and realistic with our possibilities.

Good planning It can be available to everyone. Runners with experience in the test are usually planned by managing their own resources themselves.

However, whether you are a newbie or not, it is necessary to follow long-term and short-term guidelines, for this we should put ourselves in the hands of a professional physical activity that knows how to plan our preparation throughout the previous training period.

Recovery after a competition is also essential. But the first is a integrated training for career sessions, as well as for strength and compensatory exercise sessions to improve career technique. The latter allow us to get the most out of our career avoiding the injuries associated with this practice.

Between compensatory exercises, are those focused on the pelvic girdle stabilizing musculature such as the gluteus medius. In addition to the intrinsic foot muscles, providing good support in each stride.

Rest, It is another principle of training, therefore, to progress it is important to recover between sessions. In any case, each runner is different, and an adapted and personalized training It is key to achieve our goal for sure.

Another vital issue is feeding, since avoiding binge eating and consuming hydrates is the most recommended. In addition to the rest of training volume, it will leave our energy reserves fuller.

Hydration It is also essential to achieve our goal, key to maintaining nerve and muscle function. To do this, the excessive filling of liquid in the stomach must be avoided, an issue that will favor gastric emptying.

For this reason, an assessment of the training professional will detect alterations of our movement and muscle function.

Complemented with a medical assessment, and more specifically, a stress test by a healthcare professional, are essential in this planning to start running.

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