Slovenia route by car for 7 days

After our passage through the Lago di Como, we continue our journey by making a route through Slovenia by car.

We spent 7 days enjoying waterfalls, gorges, lakes and nature around the Mount Triglav National Park.

We enjoy so many lakes and waterfalls that we don't miss the beach!

In this post I will tell you the best places on our route through Slovenia that we visited, where we stayed, how much we spent and what we liked most and least about our route by car through Slovenia.

Slovenia route by car – before the trip and how to get there

Before telling you what to see, what to do, etc., I leave some practical information if you are traveling by car to Slovenia.

If you have a Spanish driving license, you do not need the international driving license.

If you travel from Spain to Slovenia by car as we did, keep in mind that gasoline in Slovenia is like in Spain, much cheaper than France and Italy.

You can also fly to Ljubljana, Venice or Trieste, and from here rent a car.

We went by car since it was cheaper to do 1400 kilometers of car, gasoline and tolls, than to fly and rent a car.

But because our trip was 18 days.

If you go less time, I think it will be better to take a flight and rent a car.

What to see in Slovenia

As I say, on our route through Slovenia we focus on the area of ​​Mount Triglav, so we do not pass through the capital of the country or other more touristy places.

Although we did go to Lake Bled, which is one of the most popular places in the country.

On our route, we spent two nights in Tolmin, where our friends later stayed at a music festival.

We spent the next 5 days in a village on the outskirts of Kobarid, a small village called Dreznike Ravne.

This area of ​​the country is cheaper compared to Lake Bled and is perfect for lovers of excursions, nature, waterfalls and enjoy the scenery.

Bled Lake

bled lake viewpoint
Lake Bled and its characteristic island

The first day, after resting and visiting the tourist office, where we discovered a lot of waterfalls, rivers and interesting visits, we set off to Lake Bled.

The road from Tolmin to Bled crosses part of the Triglav Park.

The trip is long, since it took almost two hours to make 80 kilometers, but the scenery is beautiful.

Lake Bled is full of hotels and restaurants more expensive than those found in Tolmin.

But the visit is well worth it.

We walked around the lake, we were able to bathe and climbed to the Ojstrice viewpoint.

I highly recommend that you enjoy the views from this viewpoint.

Ojstrice viewpoint on Lake Bled
Ojstrice viewpoint on Lake Bled

I leave the location of the viewpoint, although it is easy to find it following the indications indicated in beacons or Google Maps.

The climb is short but a bit steep and hard.

climb to the viewpoint in bled
Going up to the viewpoint

After sweating on the climb, we spent a couple of hours enjoying some baths in the lake and sunbathing.

Bled Lake Bath
On Lake Bled you can bathe and swim in spectacular surroundings

We also wanted to try a typical Bled sweet, the Kremma Rezina.

It is a very creamy custard cake.

Kremma Rezina
A close-up of Kremma Rezina

In a bakery near where we park, almost leaving the lake, we find it cheaper than on the terrace that overlooks the lake that already looks like a super tourist site.

If you go by car, keep in mind that you will have to pay for parking, but it is a very popular place and there is no other.

I don't make recommendations on where to eat in Bled, since all places seemed expensive and not worth it.

Tolmin Gorge – Tolminska Korita

We follow our route through Slovenia and on the second day we visit Tolmin Gorges.

tolmin throat
Tolmin Gorges

It is a spectacular site that I definitely recommend you visit.

Tickets cost us € 7 with a 20% discount. Together with the entrance, they give you a map with a recommended itinerary that I "recommend" to follow.

Of course, you do not have to scare the stairs, because there are many.

To get there, we park in the first free parking lot below and a shuttle bus takes you to the parking entrance.

You can also get in your own car at the entrance to the gorges, but this parking is paid.

I leave some photos for you to see the natural environment and the blue water of the river.