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4-72 Colombia, he country shipping service, won first place of postal service operators in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This position was obtained as a result of a recent study made by the UPU Universal Postal Union), the specialized agency of United Nations which brings together more than 190 countries.

The UPU study

The UPU is aware of the digital world and in that sense they want to go hand in hand with the great changes of recent years, where they have evidenced the growth of the actors working in the electronic commerce.

And in turn, they are aware that, the more comfort users receive when shopping and the greater the access to the Internet, postal services must progress.

Likewise, these operators, having offices in many countries, can be the ideal ally to boost SMEs and to the less developed countries in the growth of their eCommerce activities.

For this reason, they presented a study to provide valuable information on the development of these logistics services, evaluating 4 fundamental axes of their functions, which are: reliability, scope, accessibility and resilience.

The result was the first place for 4-72 Colombia among service operators in Latin America and the Caribbean, at the same time it ranks 51st in the world ranking.

A distinction for 4-72 Colombia based on their work

The company has the vision of becoming the “Colombians preferred provider of postal, logistic, technological, documentary, financial and electronic commerce services, supported by digital transformation”, as they indicate in their website.

And in this sense, being part of the UPU, gives access to its customers in 668,000 offices, located in 192 countries.

Who is who: main logistics companies for eCommerce in Colombia

Luis Humberto Jiménez president of 4-72 Colombia, said that they are in "A process of transformation in the company that aims to respond to the current challenges of the postal service, focused mainly on the digitalization of information and the growth of electronic commerce, then this distinction, is a recognition of that work that our daily work collaborators throughout Colombia ”.

4-72 Colombia moves forward to take on the new challenges of a logistics provider

For its part, 4-72 Colombia offers different functionalities to cover many of the needs of Colombians.

These are the main services they offer: Mr. Pack (Self-delivery delivery solution), Spins, (sending money nationwide), Postal Code (an address add-on for purchasing security), Virtual Locker 4-72 (Receive shipments in Colombia of your purchases made in the US), and Virtual Locker (Service that receives purchases in the USA).

All this is very good, both the study and this distinction for 4-72, while generally improving the scenario of logistics services; because, as we know it, fast and well-managed shipments help eCommerce in the country.

Basically, a good service improves the customer experience, and decreases the distrust that the product does not arrive or arrives in bad conditions, and that the supplier is not responsible for the shipment.

Image: Profile @ 472 Colombia

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