Opinions as a purchasing decision factor

The recommendations of friends, acquaintances and family members are usually taken into account when buying or deciding on one option or another. This has always been the case, with the arrival of new technologies the key factor of opinions in consumer decision making has multiplied.

There is no online business that does not have a section where to show the opinions of customers and consumers … and that is that opinions matter and a lot!

The statistics of those online businesses with reviews are incontestable: 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase on a site that has reviews. Visitors who read consumer opinions have an average order of 6% higher than visitors who did not read or, for example, products with 50 or more opinions had a 4.6% increase in sales.

There is no doubt, opinions help users to buy and businesses to sell. But the new concept contributed by the reviews is also important: the so-called influencers. Virtually every user, to a greater or lesser extent, is an influencer.

An opinion can direct the final action of any consumer. Recognized influencer helps their followers to find activities or products more similar to their tastes, as well as knowing personal user experiences to facilitate a better decision.

This fact has been highly valued in many technological scenarios, including applications. For example, find the best restaurants, series, books and everything that interests you thanks to Peoople. An app that allows you to upload your own recommendations and see everything that the people you trust are recommending: be it your friends, your family or your favorite influencer.

Any resource or tool of this nature is effective and highly demanded to know recommendations about any product, activity or service.

In this way, opinions are established as a fundamental factor for decision making and the search for related products. This means that, based on an opinion, a very interesting and important branching of options and tastes can be established for digital marketing strategies.

At present, the online opinions of strangers have almost the same value as the recommendations offered by family, acquaintances or friends, without there being any tool that allows you to give priority to those people who are in your circle of trust.

This is a crucial and fundamental factor to attract a greater audience and encourage sales, being able to find relevant information from people you know, can become a decisive element before making a purchase.

What about the negative opinions? It is not very complex to understand that negative recommendations are a stone in the way in the desired conversions. A product or service, etc … bad or not so good recommendations can be the biggest obstacle to get relevance. Here comes the user experience: an ominous user experience on a product in question can squander the future of that product.

Recommendations / opinions are the most relevant resource and you have to know how to implement it in the current Digital Marketing strategies, where Peoople is making a dent because the recommendations are always visible and linked to a person you know.

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