New national blackout –

From 4:40 p.m. on July 22 Many cities in Venezuela were left without power. Some areas more than others recorded access to voice and data in their operators.

  • Digitel More times were maintained in some areas of Caracas than the previous time in March 2019.
  • Movistar It has worked best under these contingencies in general
  • Mobile as far as I could tell he ran out of services immediately.

This dawn is turning the light on me, the record is of 9 hours without light and waiting to hear from other places. Netblocks recorded only 6 percent Internet users in Venezuela had access to the network.

Inter in turn activated his WIFI zone for those who required to be connected in the network in some offices and cities of the country.

On the freeway many drivers park their cars in bridges, areas and distributors to remain connected to the network.

Neighbors of Los Palos Grandes they had an active plant in Plaza for those who could recharge batteries of your mobile devices.

So far, the official voice only registered one «Electromagnetic attack» Without more detail, we really all want to know what is happening in Guri. In Caracas, we do know that when it has light, many cities do not recover as easily from the electricity supply and these dimensions of the consequences do not all know it.

Several reports only registered electricity supply in Amazon and Delta Amacuro

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