Miriam Saavedra destroys a Telecinco presenter and charges her revenge –

María Patiño, against the ropes

> Mila Ximenez He has brought out his strong character because Maria Patiño Send a tweet for your partner yesterday Adara Miller in which he wanted his victory. The Tertullian has not understood that she chose to support the Madrilenian and not her: "I am already hallucinating, is there anyone left?" Mila on camera after the program sent the message to your partner.

“When you manage to live as you feel, even losing… You have won Adara”, Has been the message of the journalist to Madrid. But the truth is that the communicator has changed her mind in the last hours and is campaigning for her to win Mila. Faced with this reality, the winner of GH VIP 6, Miriam Saavedra, has sent him a message without bluntness, revealing the intentions of Patiño.

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