Mila Ximénez bursts to know that she has been deceived and used by someone she trusts –

Your viral threatens to leave Save me

> “I think I have hit the bottom of the program and I need to leave to have hope in life again”, this is how Mila Ximenez He announced that he had hit bottom. The collaborator appeared on camera with tears in her eyes and it is that no one missed this confession. For many weeks, Mila has been responsible for getting noticed on the set.

His continuous set of rifirrafes were sometimes unjustifiable and that obviously has a price. Many have been the collaborators who have already left the program, who say that the level to be on the set every day is very demanding. “My idea is to disappear for a while. I need to leave to get excited again, ”explained the collaborator. However, this llantina lasted very little because in a matter of days it came back stronger than ever. Or not, considering his last appearance in public.

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