Marketing on Facebook, a waste of time?

Surely you are still using Facebook, but maybe, now you are more aware of other social networks, such as Instagram or, perhaps, LinkedIN. Why are we not Facebook fans anymore? What happened to make marketing on Facebook a waste of time? Will everything return to normal in a few years?

Doubts about the usefulness of marketing on Facebook are chasing us wherever we go. SMEs want to know whether or not they should continue to work on Facebook and big business marketing, who had already found a 'gold reef' when investing in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg questioning the usefulness of continuing to invest in advertising in this site.

Is it any use announcing energy drinks when most athletes now display their muscles elsewhere? Is it useful to promote wedding dresses on Facebook if fashion influencers show their models in a social network much younger and attractive at the photographic level?

Should I or should not do marketing on Facebook? Here is the question

Facebook Marketing: the data

Be honest, how much time do you spend now on Facebook compared to last year? Honestly, I usually check it for work reasons, but on a personal level, my time on Facebook has been reduced considerably, now I prefer to 'gossip' on other social networks.

That is precisely what the latest study by Nielsen reveals. From 2017 to 2018, Facebook's consumption time has been reduced by 7% among its users. While in 2017 Facebook consumption was 16.9%, now the time spent on Facebook barely touches 15%, which raises many things at the marketing and communication level for SMEs and large companies.

And if that is added that Facebook has been making continuous algorithm changes to make it difficult for brands to position themselves as much as they did before and give priority to those who invest in advertising, the answer about whether to do marketing on Facebook or not do it we already have it almost on the tip of the tongue.

The time spent on Facebook in 2018 was already close to 15%

Study prepared by Nielsen

Use or not Facebook?

In addition, Facebook's lack of privacy scandals has also not helped to see this social network with good eyes. Many users, scandalized that those responsible for Facebook have not respected their privacy and have "played" with their personal data, decided to leave this social network and uninstall it from their mobile phones. And if that is added to the 'payment barrier' that SMEs and large companies have had to face in order to reach their potential customers … stop using this network as an advertising channel has been a decision that many have taken No regrets.

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