Summer is full of wonderful things, it is the perfect time to experiment with vibrant and fresh colors. But one of the things we do not like at all and that also brings summer is melted makeup, stained eyeliner and super sticky lipstick are not among them. We are going to give some small recommendations to make up in summer that will make you look beautiful and look subtle, but bright and suitable for your skin tone.

Before you start with makeup, start with moisturizer. The way you take care of your skin is as important as the makeup you apply. Use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning.

UV and sun protection layer.
In addition to moisturizing your skin, you also want to make sure it is properly protected from the sun – and that means using sunscreen every day, even under makeup. I can assure you that applying any makeup with sunburned skin is nothing fun. Not only do you have to apply sunscreen once, but you have to do it every two hours, which is difficult when you're away from home, especially when you don't want to use your hands. A little trick to be able to carry it on cleaning a makeup base that we no longer use with soap to wash the dishes, let it dry and soak the cushion our favorite sunscreen inside the compact. Every time we want to put on, we dip the sponge applicator on the pad and apply on the face.

Invest in a good makeup base.
You will not regret the few seconds it takes to apply a primer. It is applied after moisturizer but before facial makeup. You shouldn't feel that you are wearing an extra heavy coat, and they really help keep makeup in place. Try one that uses hyaluronic acid to soften wrinkles and blur imperfections, all while maintaining makeup on your face.

Shine with a little tan.
The bronzer makes your eyes look brighter, your teeth whiter, everyone looks better with a little heat added to their skin. To keep the results looking fresh and natural, it is recommended to apply suntan only to the highest points of the face, where the sun hits you naturally: forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose. Covering every corner is what gives you that fake and baked appearance. You can use some tips to make up naturally.

Powder bronzers are the easiest to apply.
Look for one with different tones to be able to mix them and get more authentic results. You can also put a little bronzer on the neck and earlobes to mix, especially if you have short hair or wear a ponytail.

Long nights, hard mornings.
No one likes to wear dark circles and bags in the eyes to the feet. In summer the nights are usually quite long and fun. But summer is not just the night, we also like to enjoy the day at the beach, pool or mountain. You should use makeup to hide dark circles and not notice how well you had the night before.

Use less makeup.
If you want to prevent makeup from wrinkling and sticking, less is more. If you can, simply use a colored moisturizer and a concealer where needed. Makeup likes to move in hot weather, so the best way to avoid it is to use less. A good option is that of the Helena Rubinstein brand. Here we leave you an opinion of the corrector of Helena Rubinstein

Skip the sparkles in the summer.
Everyone loves a pleasant, wet glow, but there is a big difference between a healthy glow and an extraordinary glow. Avoid cream foundation or anything too bright, as moisture will give a brighter and sweatier appearance if it has too much shine on the skin.

Go for pure shadows.
Rich and deep colors have their place, but they may seem heavy in summer. To lighten your appearance, switch to pure versions of your lip and eye colors. Use a pre-application of lipstick if you need additional definition, but look for a bare tone to maintain that feeling of unconcern, or try the “invisible” lipstick, which deposits a clear and waxy film to stop bleeding of the color. Because pure colors are more subtle, it can hardly be overstated.

Give your eyeshadow power of permanence.
To obtain a more lasting shade, avoid using eyelid eye cream (it can break the makeup) and instead apply a layer of eye primer. It will minimize wrinkles and create a base to hold on for the shadow to last longer. To get the ultimate in comfort throughout the day, apply a layer of powder on a cream. Apply the regular pencil or cream eyeliner, then use a small angled brush to press the dark shadow over the eyeliner and fix it for longer use.

Get rid of powder blush
The blusher adds balance and health to any aspect, but if you continue using the same powdered formula, your blush may become a breeze faster than it takes to get to work in the morning. The spots are excellent for longevity in hot climates. Use a gel or a blush stain, then mix a touch of blusher on top.

Play with fun and vibrant colors
In the same way that this season is more likely to wear a live top or a bright bag, now is the perfect time to enhance the colors of your makeup palette. Do not make mistakes when you make up that can make you older. In addition to having a summery appearance, the most vivid colors illuminate the face and bring a youthful glow to the skin. If you tend to stay with neutrals, experiment with only one area of ​​your face. A sharp blush on the cheek apples is a good starting point.

Replace the shine with dew
To eliminate the anti-aesthetic shine in a matter of seconds, there is nothing better than blotting paper. They are cheap and easy, just press and leave. If you need to animate your makeup too, dry it first and then continue with a compact powder with a touch of luminescence. You want to eliminate the shine, but you still want to look a little glowing, especially in summer.

Change heavy lipsticks for lipstick
Throw away your heavy matte lipsticks for summer and try the simplest trend of the season: lip stains. These long-lasting formulas offer total coverage that can be built, which makes them super versatile. The spots are lovely because you can always add a lip balm to add moisture without worrying about the color you travel. ” Try sweet pink or peach tones for a traditional summer look, or go bold with tangerine and grape colors for something more daring.

Try waterproof versions of your favorite products
Do you like to swim? Don't worry about having raccoon eyes – there are many long-lasting beauty products on the market these days. Invest in a good waterproof eyelash mask, or if you're blonde, dye your eyelashes

Store the mini-cosmetics in your bag.
Don't see yourself greasy again in a photo if you stay prepared with wallet-sized products that are so perfect for traveling. Bringing blotters is a good way to eliminate sweat and oil without stacking more products. Also, you never know when the color of your lips will need a touch up.

Always finish with a fixing spray.
The final step for the makeup to last all day and night is to spray with a spray to seal your look.

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