Letizia's worst summer

Letizia, Zara

> He has never bothered to hide that he does not have a bit of grace having to spend part of the summer in Palma de Mallorca. For Letizia, the official vacations of the royal family are an odious part of their work as a consort. It does not support having to pose constantly in front of the press or attend events that, a priori may seem private, but in reality they have been institutionalized over time. But, without a doubt, what he takes most from his boxes to Ortiz is having to share so much time with his mother-in-law, Mrs. Sofia.

The queen has already managed to get rid of much of her political family, who flees from Palma de Mallorca as soon as she lands on the island. But nevertheless, Mrs. Sofia It is a hard nut to crack and intends to remain planted in the Balearic Islands as long as necessary. The two have to hide before the media, pretend they have a great time during their walks and pretend that the relationship between them is completely cordial. However, it seems that the consort has grown tired of playing the greatest role of her life and no longer strives to disguise her antipathy for her mother-in-law. Read on to discover what has been the last move of Ortiz Against the Greek.

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