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There are many quite interactive ways to learn geography, even when it may seem to many to be a topic of the most boring. The issue is that it is a topic of great importance that must be studied as deeply as possible to acquire a general culture that is much richer than it is.

One of those so many interactive and dynamic ways in which a greater knowledge of geography can be obtained are the world balls, which can be found in a wide variety of sizes, colors and countless features that attract the attention of anyone who comes to look at them. Below, more details about the lagoons of the best and most impressive balls in the world that exist.

Elite Luminous Sphere with App

This beautiful ball of the world of 26 centimeters in diameter It is a three-dimensional scale model of the planet in the most intense and lively tones that can be found in such a sphere.

What is sought with this representation of the world is that there are as few distortions as possible to appreciate how the planet looks in a much more realistic way than a more classic world map.

One of its most particular additives is that it incorporates 18W halogen light, which is what makes its colors and shades can be seen in a much more striking way than would be expected in other areas.

In addition to everything we have already mentioned, it has its own plastic foot that allows it to be located anywhere and an application that gives the user the ability to learn from geography in a much more interactive way than he can be used to. .

Dial Marco Polo Style Old Light

The Marco Polo Sphere It is a beautiful three-dimensional scale model of our planet in a sepia tone that is not very typical of this type of products that, in general, have green or blue colors to a greater or lesser extent.

As with the previous sphere, it also has a built-in 18W halogen light, although it also has a magnifying glass that allows the user to detail a little more the places in which they want to focus. It also has its own plastic foot to be located in the desired place of the house or office.

Uranium Relief Map Sphere

This beautiful sphere of 30 centimeters in diameter It is also a three-dimensional scale model, as it happens with the cases that we have already mentioned previously in this post.

In addition to bringing incorporated very intense colors in relief, It also has halogen light and magnifying glass to detail each and every one of the details that may seem important to the user.

Finally, we must also point out that it is highly resistant to falls or accidents of all kinds, which makes it perfect for children who want to start in the fascinating world of geography from their earliest ages.

In case you want more information about these fabulous and useful balls of the world, you can enter bolamundo.com

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