Kolmanskop, the old German town that was "swallowed" by the sand

Kolmanskop is a ghost town in southern Namibia.

Kolmanskop Germany Namibia Arena

The diamond, a very attractive mineral

In 1908 diamond fever broke out and people rushed to the Namib desert in the hope of making an easy fortune.

They say it was very easy to find diamonds and in a few years a city was built with all the luxuries and infrastructures of the most advanced Europe. Casino, school, hospital and luxury buildings rose in the barren desert.

Kolmanskop Namibia Arena

The decline of Kolmasnkop

Kolmasnskop, they say, It was the first African town to have an X-ray device, imported not for medical use, but to ensure that miners do not ingest diamonds for illegal sale outside the mine.

Shortly after the fall in diamond sales after the First World War began its decline until, in 1950, there was no one left. The city was deserted and the dunes began to claim what had always been theirs.

Kolmanskop Germany Namibia

A ghost town

Soon the roofs collapsed, the beautiful gardens and the perfectly drawn streets were left under the sand. A new ghost town was born.

A couple of old buildings are still standing and some, like the theater, are still in good condition. The partial rehabilitation of Kolmasnskop began to attract tourists, but most of the houses are still flooded with sand.

Kolmanskop Namibia Arena

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