Judith Corachán and Víctor del Corral, podiums in the EMBRUNMAN

As usual, every August 15 the Embrunman has been held in France, considered one of the toughest long distance events in the world.

The great joy of the day comes from Judith Corachán. The Catalan has won the women's event and has been placed in 18th place in the general with a time of 10 hours and 54 minutes; A great time due to the hardness of the circuits. The Belgian Tine Deckers and Alexandra Tondeur have accompanied her on the podium.

In the men's event there has also been a Spanish podium thanks to Victor del Corral. The long distance specialist (especially in hard circuits) has recovered the time lost in swimming to sneak into a luxury podium shared with Frenchman William Mennesson (first) and Croatian Andrej Vistica (second). The next best Spaniard has been Pello Osoro in 12th place, with Erik Merino 13th and Francesc Artigues 15th.

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