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Tepic // Ramón Vargas
The participation of Ivonne Ortega and José Alfaro in the internal process to choose who will be in the Presidency and the General Secretariat of the National Executive Committee, is to rescue the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

The statement is from Ivonne Ortega, who goes for the presidency, when offering a press conference this Thursday morning at the La Loma de Tepic hotel.

It is about rescuing the PRI from the cupular decisions that have ruined the desire of the militancy to be taken into account, as well as ending the internal disputes that cause division and result in electoral defeats.

But this time things are worse, because apart from the bad practices that have long been seen by the same people, now it is intended to allow the intrusion of the political force that is currently in the government of the Republic, he warned.

This should not be allowed in any way, but the good thing is that it will be the militants who with their vote will elect the new leadership, in a process that culminates on the 11th of the current month, he said.

The candidates of the aforementioned formula held a meeting with PRI cadres of Nayarit, before the press conference, and in that meeting the commitment was generated to give them the support so that it is Ivonne and Pepe who take the reins of the National Executive Committee.

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