IPSP inaugurated ´Argélida Gómez´ dental practice

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The Board of Directors of Institute of Social Security of the Journalist, (IPSP), inaugurated the dental office "Argélida Gómez", within the framework of the institution's 53rd anniversary and in tune with its efforts to offer journalists and their families welfare and social protection services.

Myriam TibisayWendehake, president of the institution, said that the dental office "Argélida Gómez", was designed in 2016 with the aim of providing its members with a quality service for oral health. "With resources obtained during 2017 and 2018 we managed to complement the office to reach this moment of opening the doors to the public." It will have the attention of general and aesthetic dentistry, fixed, removable and implant prostheses, endodontics, surgery and soon orthodontics.

The communication director of the permanent secretariat of the Venezuelan Episcopate, the priest Pedro Pablo Aguilar, was in charge of blessing the facilities. Also, the son of Argélida Gómez, Miguel Sandoval was present.

Wendehake said the institution is giving him a tribute to the journalist Argélida Gómez, who died in 2017. “We feel that we honor her by placing her name. We are recognizing a colleague, who was general manager for almost 10 years, and who made a great personal effort to make this practice a reality today. ”

Journalists affiliated with National College of Journalists (CNP), will be favored with a discount of 10% to 20% according to the specialty. It will also be open to the community that makes life in the CNP building, to the surrounding areas, as well as to other professionals. The first Dental consultation will be free of charge.

Fabiana Arredondo, a dentist graduated from the Central University of Venezuela, UCV, and with numerous extensive training courses, will be responsible for coordinating the services provided. The allied professional stressed that her proximity to the IPSP starts from childhood, because her father Dr. Antonio Arredondo, belonged to the medical service of this institution. "Open the office Argélida Gómezes bet on change, because in Venezuela we are still professionals who want to contribute to welfare and development."

The IPSP has as Mission: "Manage the welfare and improvement of the human condition of its members." The current board of directors has been characterized by achieving institutional alliances that have allowed compliance with the plans in the areas of health, safety, culture and quality of life.


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