The summer season is synonymous with lighter clothing to cope with the high temperatures, hence it is the stage in which more purchases of invisible bras, which does not prevent women from wearing necklines or neckless dresses, as they point out from Gisela Intimates

Lingerie stores make their August in the same month as far as invisible bras are concerned about the rise of dresses that leave shoulders bare, since it is the time of the year in which you can dress in this way to face the hot.

Wearing bras has always been a stumbling block to wear certain garments until items known as invisible appeared, which can go unnoticed with clothing that leaves the shoulders in the air.

The invisible market has evolved greatly in recent times, with really sophisticated garments that fulfill the function of not standing out in the summer outfit.

Strapless bras, therefore, are best suited to incorporate them among the most summer garments.

Another reason why this type of garments triumphs is the wide range of articles of all types that meet these characteristics: with foam, with flexible ring, with closure of different positions and in different cups.

Designed with the most sophisticated technologies, they are ideal garments to wear with total discretion without compromising the necessary comfort in this intimate garment that is so necessary in the day-to-day life of women.

Adhesives, a bestseller
Among the invisible bras due to the boom in sales, adhesive bras, which can be made of cloth or silicone, depending on the tastes of those who are going to implement it. They are garments that can be attached to the chest except in the part of the nipple, which achieves an invisible support.

It is the best option to combine them with designs with bare back or very pronounced necklines, as in party garments.

In addition, there are also models in the market of invisible bras with padding that fulfill a double function with absolute discretion, satisfying the needs of those interested in quality lingerie of this type.

Gisela Intimates is a reference firm in the sale of first-class lingerie through the internet, making a maximum effort to guarantee the full satisfaction of its customers through a close, serious, professional and personalized service.

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