Influencer marketing: tips and trends

It is fair to say that 2018 has been the year of influencers marketing. Brands flock to influencers as if they were billboards, to help sell their products and services to the right target audience.

Do not expect this trend to end. Influencer marketing will continue to be a powerful force for brands that seek to increase their audience and improve sales through social networks in 2019.

The question is, what can you do to get the most out of influencer marketing? Will the same tactics of 2018 serve for this 2019?

Let's take a look at how to succeed with influencer marketing this year:

1) More sincere when sponsoring a publication

First, brands and influencers will be more transparent about their "collaborations" in this 2019.

At the beginning of social media marketing influencer, not all brands were so transparent when it came to "confess" that they had given away products or paid celebrities to recommend their brand.

Basically, influencers created Instagram posts, YouTube videos and other content promoting undisclosed products that were paid for it.

Currently it is enough to place the hashtag # sponsored or #ad, or for example with the instagram functions you can quickly associate the brand with the post:

influencer marketing

People like to know that this publication is sponsored, they don't feel cheated by the brand or the influencer.

2) Do not limit yourself to instagram only

Many brands automatically associate influencer marketing with Instagram. In fact, a survey revealed that Instagram was the # 1 platform for 92% of influencers in 2018.

influencer marketing

Although Instagram is likely to remain top in this, it does not mean you should ignore other networks. The same survey showed that influencers reach other networks: the likes they achieve on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

In addition, influencers base their prices on their followers, contracts and demand. If you are receiving a lot of offers to promote brands on Instagram, it will surely give you an expensive budget, while perhaps that same influencer is not so quoted for other social networks that have, such as Pinterest or Snapchat, this way you can get a good price on your influencer campaign.

influencer marketing

While you may not reach the same number of people as on Instagram, you could generate a better return on investment by paying less and getting better conversions on the other networks.

3) Use tools to hire influencers

As marketing with influencers began to become popular, brands had a tough challenge ahead: to establish contact with them.

Here is a very simplified example of the process:

  • You search on Instagram or YouTube for influencers to stick with your brand.
  • You send them a DM or an email, if you can find their clear mail.
  • Message exchange negotiating the terms of the collaboration.
  • After reaching an agreement, you send the payment and wait for the influencer to publish your campaign.

While this process may work, there are an interesting number of influencer marketing platforms and tools to make your life easier. For example: stores like Followers dot shop will help you find influencers and manage the hiring process.

In 2019, start using influencer marketing tools to create campaigns. Not only will it save you time, but it will also help you measure performance and optimize your campaigns.

4) Measure ROI (Return on Investment)

Are your marketing campaigns really profitable and help you achieve your goals? Although it may sound good to say that you are working with influencers, it really does not help much if you are not generating results.

While there is a "non-monetary" value in being mentioned by an influencer, make no mistake: you can keep track of the amount of revenue that influencers contribute to your business.

One of the most basic ways to start using UTM. Assign specific parameters to the urls that your influencers share so you can track the actions of each visitor on your website.

5) Create valuable content, not just ads

A misconception about ads with influencers is this scene: that the influencer in question takes a picture holding your product with a generic title about how much he loves your brand.

That is very boring and generic the truth. The key is to go for ads that provide good content and value to users.

For example, if you are going to collaborate with a Youtuber, try scripting an interesting video with it by unboxing your product in a dynamic and fun way, or simply make a raffle of your product with the users that follow it.

6) Give YouTube another chance

As you will remember, several powerful brands significantly reduced or withdrew their advertising budget for YouTube in 2017.

Although those brands saved a lot of money by avoiding low-performing ads, it also was a blow to youtubers, who saw their revenue from ads reduced by more than 50%.

Because of all this, content creators on YouTube have to look for other sources of revenue to compensate. And one way to do this is to work directly with brands through sponsored content, product reviews and collaboration agreements.

The problem that brands had with YouTube ads was not that content creators were doing bad content. It was mostly the lack of control they had over the videos in which their ads appeared.

Content without context is a risky business. Most brands do not want their ads to appear in a video that promotes, for example, a hate speech or extremism.

But the influencers in Youtube They still have a significant reach and there is a lot of money to earn working with them. Especially if you want to reach a younger demographic.

In fact, 70% of YouTube’s teenage subscribers say they relate to YouTube’s content creators rather than longtime celebrities.

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<p>Working directly with content creators offers many advantages, instead of just posting ads, the youtuber knows its audience and what your audience may like. This way your campaigns will seem much more authentic and ingenious.</p>
<h2>8) Make the influencer your partner</h2>
<p>In 2019, the brands that bet on <strong>influencers</strong> they will treat them more as partners than as an intermediary for their purposes.</p>
<p>When influencers feel that you are involved with them and that you really care about them, they are more likely to be loyal to your brand and will promote you with more enthusiasm, than if you hire them for x publications for x money.</p>
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And this is it, we hope that this 2019 brands and influencers create a harmony in the world of online marketing that will surely give a lot to talk about in the sector.

We read each other! 🙂

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