These correspondences differ slightly from the correspondences of the herb itself.


African Violet It enhances spirituality and protection. Create attraction and harmony in love.

Almond– Prosperity and wisdom.

Amber emotion balancer, healing and meditation.

Aloes Wood healing, protection and love.

The anise Guide the psychic pendulums, the good luck charms, ward off negativity and cleanliness.

Apple It improves knowledge and wisdom. Love, healing, immortality and garden magik rituals.

Divination of bamboo, protection, luck and breaking of curses.

Banana prosperity and fertility.

Purification of cedars, protection and banishment from bad dreams.

Cinnamonspirit and brings protective energies to harmony. Healing and money.

The nail Enhance the rituals of exile. Attracts positive energy.

The dragon blood It enhances the rituals of love, protection and exorcism. Good luck.

Eucalyptus: good health, protection and healing rituals.

Incense: good health, protection, purification, spiritual growth, knowledge and meditation.

Gardenia Improve the energies of the Moon, a popular use in the moon's ritual. Love and attract good spirits during the ritual.

Ginger: promotes growth and psychic success.

Honeysuckle: It improves the bonds of love, heals relationships, strengthens love.

The cleaning and protection of Nag Champa, mediation, the creation of a sacred space that brings energies to harmony.

Relaxation of jasmine, dreams, create prophetic dreams if burned in the bedroom.

Healing of juniper, protection against hexes, evil and disease.

Healing with lavender, love, compassion, protect relationships, cleanliness for spiritual work.

Psychic awareness, lemongrass, and meditations.

Protection lilac, peace and harmony.

Lotus-fortune, love, long life, protection, and it is a sacred offering.

Myrrh-meditation, banish self negativity and enlightenment.

Nut nutmeg: prosperity, fertility, luck, fidelity and love.

Patchouli– Prosperity, fertility and love.

Growth and renewal of the mint.

Humility Pine tree, protection, placed in a home in winter to promote protection and health.

pink-Love, healing, and promotes calm.

Roses yellow-success.

Roses red-love and protection.

Roses roses-protection and compassion.

Roses white-protection and spiritual matters.

Divination of roses abodes.

Rosemary It improves memory, healing love, mental or memory rituals.

Sandalwood: spiritual awareness, meditation and psychic development.

Strawberry-friendship and love.

Grass Purify spaces and attract positive influences.

The tea green Heals and promotes health.

Vanilla– Prosperity and dedication.

Verbena, lemon-protection and love.

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