The entrance In summer, radio or podcast? appears first in Iván Patxi.

radio in summerThe radio in summer? or podcasts in summer? Both of them?

Summer has also arrived for our audio players. Transistors, car radios, online radios, DTT, mobile, etc …

Time in which the radios traditionally give rest to their "first swords", "headliners", "journalists and header communicators" or whatever you want to call them, and also give way to great professionals They are responsible for directing mythical radio programs during the summer.

In the case of podcasts, there are many programs that stop publishing their contents.

Is it a good or bad strategy in podcasts? And on the radio?

Radio in summer improves

It is my feeling.

Of course, possibly many professionals in the sector could now bring me audience data and show me how radio consumption decreases in summer.

I am a habitual listener of the Cadena Ser, and before it was more, but it sounds so good to listen to the Aimar Bretos, Adriana Mourelos, Yago de Vega, Roberto Sánchez or Pablo Morán, that radio becomes what I always enjoyed so much .

The "fresquitos", that "radio genre" and that topic that the above mentioned professionals have to face as well as many others from other stations.

In truth, life goes on, in the summer news continues to happen and the world keeps turning whether we go on vacation or not.

National politics, international affairs, stock market news, sports achievements or everyday situations that radios echo.

Time of transition

podcast in summerDefinitely the radio in summer marks the change of season, as if it were a football team.

It even gives that feeling, signings, contract terminations, new trainers …

And in the meantime you have to continue giving valuable content to the listener, to that precious listener, and notice where it is in summer when it seems that the radio is closer to the listener, and I have the feeling that it is thanks to the big ones professionals who occupy the grill in this summer season.

"Is the podcast the summer radio that stays in November?" I wonder.

Remember that The podcast approaches the deepest interests of the listener, offering you the possibility to listen to the theme most related to your personal tastes.

Regardless of their political ideology, they may be listening at the same time to the Popular Party and another to the United We can a podcast on fishing, for example.

Is there a podcast in summer?

From here come several affirmative answers, for different reasons,

  • Yes, because podcasts remain in time, saved as .mp3 files on servers and hosts such as Ivoox.
  • Yes, because there are podcast creators who continue publishing their podcasts in summer
  • Yes, because it is a great time to discover new podcasts

Yes, yes and yes. In fact, I consider summer as a unique opportunity to approach new audiences and add to your player new podcasts that until now you had been lazy to listen to.

And beware, because summer radio programs are also published in podcast format.

In addition to this, I invite you to read the post in which I talked about the Differences between radio and podcast.

Is summer a good time to publish a podcast?

In my opinion, it depends on the theme chosen for your podcast.

For example, summer seems like a great time to publish music podcasts, why?

Because it is a time of the year in which for example we will take the car for several hours, accompanied by a family which podcasts that you usually listen to do not care, but nevertheless, music is always a good travel companion.

On the other hand, a stock or business podcast is true that it can be a great effort to have to publish it and yet your listeners in summer disconnect from any business issue, and listen to music.

Humor, for example, accompanies us all year long, as does history, technology or magazines for movies, series and television.

Learn from the best

For me there are two phrases that I have learned very well, wherever I go.

«You must learn from the best» and «Flatter weakens»

In this case I want to apply it with respect to the radio.

It is the radio from which we must learn, and it is the compliments that we should avoid in the podcast so as not to weaken this medium.

The radio has a privileged position full of great professionals, not only of communication, but also of financial strategy, marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as many contacts of great influence.

Therefore, if you have a podcast and the interest of it is to communicate, make yourself known or share your tastes with like-minded people, one way or another to look at what the radio does or did 5 or 6 years ago will be very beneficial for your content

The radio has created wonderful sound products, but today few have a place in their programming grills, except for a few minutes in section format, at best.

And of course, in all this the man / woman orchestra appears, which is what we are in the podcast. With more or less success, yes.

Radio in summer and podcasts in summer

You decide what you want to do with your podcast, that's why it's yours.

I only share my thoughts and ideas.

In my case I observe and analyze what radio stations do and the programs that I like, on the other hand I observe what podcasts that I like and even those that don't.

And that way in all the podcasts I produce or in the podcasts in which I have been hired to advise I apply some conditions or others.

Possibly any choice you make when deciding whether to publish your podcast in summer or not, is right.

But for me, in a wide range of cases, publishing in summer is positive, and I do so.

In summer, recommend podcast

There are some podcasts that could be very interesting to accompany you this summer, on the road, on the beach, or if you still stay in your city working.

Here I leave the player of 4 of them in case you want to add them to your list.

The most personal side

You will have seen that I have been several weeks without posting anything here on the blog, I have been traveling. Resting.

But nevertheless, you will appreciate that my podcast They have not stopped publishing. Work.

Previous work and closet background so that your podcasts can continue publishing regularly. Nothing happens to record more and have saved episodes. I like it like that.

I leave you below the players in case you want to listen to one and subscribe.

The entrance In summer, radio or podcast? appears first in Iván Patxi.

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