Improvements in the Ceca plugin for WooCommerce: vector cards, returns and ACS data

Although, as you can see, we are still trying to get more and better plugins, we cannot forget those who have spent more time with us and last week, we took the opportunity to incorporate in our plugin for Ceca and WooCommerce. Let's look briefly at what improvements we are talking about.

Vector cards

Before we used some bitmap cards that had two problems:

  1. They were old
  2. Being bitmaps they could not be resized without losing quality

With these new vector cards we solve the two problems, also decreasing a little, the weight of them.

Returns from the WooCommerce panel

So far to make the returns with this plugin you had to do the manual return, in WooCommerce; to later do it in the Ceca panel. With this new functionality you can return orders paid with Ceca directly from the WooCommerce panel. The plugin will communicate with the gateway to validate it. The return, of course, may be partial or total.

ACS data incorporated into payments

When sending the payment, a series of related data is sent to help in the fight against electronic payment fraud. This type of data is not mandatory to send but it helps to minimize security problems, not only because of the plugin, but because of possible fraudulent uses of cards.

And well, we have also put a link to access the plugin configuration from the WordPress plugin list. This facilitates access to the panel in a few clicks as soon as it is installed.

So nothing, we continue to improve and create new plugins to make things a little easier when creating electronic stores with WordPress, WooCommerce and all this wonderful ecosystem that has been created around.1 star


We store the IPs from which the valuations are sent to avoid fraud

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