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As you will know in addition to premium plugins related to payment gateways, we also have a few free plugins, of different themes in the WordPress repository. Some of them, such as Import Users From CSV With Meta, have a fairly high acceptance (almost one million downloads and more than 30,000 installations active today) and as you will understand from its name, it is a plugin that allows users to be imported from a CSV file, that is, from Excel to WordPress.

We have already talked about it, about other details and functionalities, but we had never commented that it allowed users to import directly into BuddyPress, with the extended profile fields of this famous plugin to create social networks and communities on WordPress. The fact is that we had never done it but it is a very popular use of the plugin. In fact this week I had two orders to import data from external systems to a WordPress with BuddyPress and of course, I used the home solution.

I will briefly explain how to do it.

BuddyPress extended profile

As you all know, users in WordPress by default have a somewhat scarce default information. More oriented to maintain a minimum of information to interact as users of a blog, which is the initial nature of WordPress, that is: name, surname, profile on certain social networks … and little else.

Usually, if you want to set up an online community or directly on your site you need to create other fields, a good option is to use BuddyPress and the functionality to expand the profile of users. With this functionality you can create data of different types (text, date, checkbox, etc.), make them obligatory or not, apart from controlling their visibility or grouping them to organize them by areas. In the screenshot that opens this post you have a real example.

Import extended profile data from a CSV

Well, that allows us to do our plugin, basically above the import button on the main screen of the same, if you are a BuddyPress user you will see a complete list of what those fields should be called in the CSV, so that in this case I show you on the cover of the example, to import the date of birth I have had to use a column called: «Birthdate [fecha de nacimiento]»As it is written, because this is how the user has created it and that is how BuddyPress identifies it.

So nothing, so you can register hundreds, thousands or as many records as you want in one click. If you need help using the plugin, you already know that you can contact us so that we are the ones in charge of migration, that nobody better than us knows how your creature works and it is already a few hundred imports that we have done.1 star


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