Images that give life to a digital business

Currently the motto "A picture is worth a thousand words" It has become more relevant. You are welcome to create an online store with many products if the images are not very attractive. The same can be said if the digital business is a web page or a blog.

Is a reality, nothing sells more than an image. In fact, according to the CNMC in the last quarter of 2018, only in Spain electronic commerce grew by 26.9%, for a total of 10,820 million euros in sales. Hence the importance of knowing how to use this digital resource appropriately.

Free image banks, a useful tool

Selling on the Internet is not a big problem as long as the website used for this purpose is easy, attractive and secure. Everything goes through the quality of the design determined by the electronic business. Therefore, they must choose the images carefully that will give life to the project.

Thanks to the large number of image banks available on the network, getting quality and even royalty-free images is no problem. If anyone need that your e-business looks professional, do not worry. There are places to download images with or without a license in a few steps.

In any case, the important thing is not to neglect this fundamental aspect in a brand. So, if you don't have the necessary resources to create your own high-quality images, the stock images community They are an excellent alternative to use in any entrepreneurship project.

Before downloading an image online, you must consider whether it is free or not. The guide for the use of images provided by Google from your search engine can be very useful.

Some advantages of using quality images in any electronic project they are the following:

They add professionalism

When quality content is accompanied by striking images, the information value, which in turn affects the professionalism of the business, the brand or the company.

They capture the interest of the message

The first thing that captures the interest of users is an image, not the content that a particular business presents. If the image is poor, the message loses value. If it is of quality it immediately attracts attention towards the product or content. Therefore, one must know how to select well in this regard.

They bring color to a website

Thanks to them, blogs, pages or electronic stores they are more visual and colorful. This certainly captivates the attention of users and customers and makes the business or content more interesting.

SEO strategies improve

When described with optimized keywords, SEO is improved of the page. For example, Google rewards those strategies when the content is quality. Not to mention that they also affect the results of image searches.

They convey emotions

An image transmits a cluster of emotions better than a large number of words. Further, allow to connect faster Than an extensive block of text. However, avoid sharing images when it is not necessary. These should harmonize with the content and complement each other naturally.

Make a difference

Sometimes, an image is worth more than a product description or a well crafted post. Although it is not easy to achieve, when the selection is successful, a clear difference is established with the competition. Saying everything with an image is the key.

Facilitate understanding

A well selected image facilitates the understanding of the message or the description of an ecommerce. The message, product or service offered in this way will be closer and intelligible.

Increase engagement in social media

Social networks acquire greater visual appearance. If the content is accompanied by quality images, the followers will feel driven to share, comment or simply express their interest with a “like”.

For these and other advantages, it is convenient to take full advantage of the rights-free image banks when it is necessary to include or improve the appearance of an electronic business. The chances of success in this regard are endless.

Is it still profitable to undertake online?

The figures reveal that e-commerce will continue its historical growth trend. More and more people are choosing the Internet to buy, find a professional or access a quality service. According to the CNMC, at the end of the fourth quarter of 2018, the platforms of Electronic commerce produced 49.2% of revenues in Spain.

These figures only confirm one thing: Internet entrepreneurship is the most important step that can give a person who wants to become financially independent. It is a real opportunity that must be seized with total success. The countless tools available make it easier to develop any project, so there are no excuses about it.

In short, the prominence of visual content in ecommerce sites, websites or blogs is unquestionable. They not only provide added value and quality, but also contribute to improving visibility, attracting potential customers and, above all, improving the image of any electronic business.

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