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Cubero consolidates his leadership with an impressive victory in the Baylque Slalom.

The fifth test of Andalusian Slalom Championship 2019 He took us this weekend to the beautiful town of Bayarque, an enclave located in the Alto Almanzora Valley, in the province of Almería.

This second edition of his Slalom, organized by the Motor Club Balcón del Almanzora, has had a 900-meter long path, in which the pilots have had to get around as quickly as possible a multitude of cones that formed doors, roundabouts and zig-zags.

These obstacles are precisely those that make the Slalom a test where the power of the car goes to the background, giving priority to driving skills and speed of reactions. The pilot must know very well the mass balance and inertia of his car, and have good command of the handbrake. In addition, the Slalom is currently the most economical car test.

After the technical verifications of the vehicles in the church square, the pilots and some officers carried out the obligatory recognition on foot of the route, to then give rise to the first round, the training session.

In this first pass, the Sevillian pilot Moses Rides He scored the best time (01: 13.212) with his Peugeot 205 Rallye, a vehicle that his father acquired when he competed, and with which Moi continues to wage war many years later.

It is nice to see how the passion for motoring is passed from generation to generation, and we are sure that this will happen again in the next generation of the Cabalga, which is already underway. Congratulations.

The other favorite to fight for the first step and current leader of the championship, Roberto Cubero, was with his Citroën Saxo 4 seconds from Seville. Third best record in this first training pass to David Manzano and his BMW 320 e36.

Just at the end of the training lap, the pilots made the first official race, which was taken by Cabalga to get again the best time with his 205, this time for a close advantage of half a second over Cubero, 01: 14.642.

Third best time of this manga was for the local Juan Francisco Cano, who went to Bayarque with a Fiat Seicento instead of his usual Citroën Saxo.

In the second official and final race of the event, the Cordoba Roberto Cubero returned by his fueros and marked a spectacular 1: 11.706, the best time of the whole morning, which was worth the victory. Moisés Cabalga registered the second best chrono of this manga, and David Manzano the third.

The podium was finally formed by Roberto Cubero Asensio, Moisés Cabalga Pérez Y David Manzano Ortega. After this new victory, the second consecutive in the championship and third of the season, the Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo rider consolidates his position at the top of the standings in the absence of three tests to be played.

Miguel González Agudo, who could not finish the test due to problems in his Sax in the first round, also took a trophy as a detail of the organization.

Juanma Bishop He also won a prize for his second position in his category. In addition, he was telling us that next to M.C. Balcón del Almanzora are already with the preparations of what will be the 1st Slalom of Buds of Guadix next year, a test that we cannot miss.

The mayor of Bayarque, Don Antonio Pordoy, was presented with a trophy by the president of the M.C. Balcony of the Almanzora, Salvador Segura, for his great collaboration in this test and support for motoring in the region.

The next test of the C.A.S. it will be in the Slalom of San Fernando scheduled for August 17, while the next of M.C. Balcón del Almanzora will be the II CHRONOMETRATE OF CAVES, scheduled for days October 5 and 6, 2019.

You can see the FULL PHOTO GALLERY here.

Text and Photos: JuanGa RR.

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