I was looking for a stationery store near me and I ended up in an online store

That's right, I was looking for a stationery near home and in the end I decided not to complicate my life and get directly into the website of 20milproducts. As a good web design geek, I can't help giving you a review like Ecommerce and analyzing what a decent online store should have in 2019.

1. Header

At header From the page we see that the main theme of the page stands out in a black title: Office Supplies. Just below we have a very visible search engine since it is the most used part of all Ecommerce.


Below we see a megamenu design in the form of tags showing the main categories of the web, such as Stationery. The navigation is quite comfortable although in smaller screens the menu items can be placed in two rows.

In addition all this is accompanied by a banner that takes us to the main advantages of the web:

· Free shipping to the Peninsula from € 34 and € 49 for the Balearic Islands.

· Savings of more than 21%

· Special prices for companies

· Guaranteed deliveries in 48 working hours

· Return without obligation for 30 full days.

· Secure payment with Verisign and Online Trust

· Multiple forms of payment at no additional cost: cards and visas, transfer, cash on delivery, paypal …

2. Product sheet

The product sheet is very clean and clear so that the user can concentrate on the product photos. To increase sales and conversions, it is designed with tabs that show the Details, Information, Ratings and Questions about the product.

Neither goes unnoticed how to highlight the offers, too prominent in my opinion, with the classic yellow bootstrap alert.

Bread crumbs also play an important role for the user experience.

3. Cart and payment process

The cart may well be more colorful but it fulfills its functionality. It is interesting to break down the VAT since a lot of stationery that is bought in this type of stores is done by companies.

You can manipulate the quantity or erase the product, be careful with this because when you delete it you do not ask Yes / No confirmation.

In the second part of the checkout we go to an intermediate screen where you are asked if you want to register or if you want to create an account. Sometimes you have to leave the option of not registering the user, it depends on your marketing strategy.

Otherwise, the purchase process is very simple. They allow visa, paypal and other forms of payment.

In short, the local business is dying little by little, so large online stores like this stationery tend to have great success with good after-sales service.

And here the analysis of today, greetings 🙂

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