File X (The X-Files), is one of the best-known science fiction series in the world. Created by 20th Century Fox in the year of 1993, Record X is starring David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully).

Since its initial broadcast, File X captured the attention of the science fiction-loving audience. This allowed the series to become one of FOX's greatest successes and one of the most awarded series in history, being nominated for 141 awards from which it won a total of 61 individual awards from 24 different agencies, including Emmy Awards , Golden Globes, Environmental Media Awards and Actors Guild Awards.

But the best of the whole series is that their characters were unique and quickly became part of popular culture by exploiting and inspiring a lot of theories about conspiracies and the existence of extraterrestrial life. The success of the series was such that it led to a total of 11 seasons spread from 1993 to 2018.

With a total of 141 episodes, File X features some of the greatest episodes and scenes in science fiction. Among these chapters are:

  • José Chung from Outer Space (Season 3)
  • Home (Season 4)
  • Memento Mori (Season 4)
  • The Post-Modern Prometheus (Season 5)
  • Drive (Season 6).

Just listen to the intro of the series, to identify it, and is that File X is one of the best science fiction series of recent years.

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Actor David Duchovny brings FBI agent Fox Mulder to life. Known to his companions as "Spooky" (Sinister), Mulder is a faithful believer of paranormal phenomena. In addition to being sure that the United States Government handles the threads of a conspiracy designed to hide or deny the truth of the existence of extraterrestrial life.


All this leads him to work on the "X Files", a series of special cases with great halo of mystery and possibly supernatural facts. Mulder's goal to work on such cases is to discover the truth that the government seems to hide. Mulder's interest in the paranormal is related to a fact that marked his life since childhood, the abduction in front of his sister Samantha's eyes. A fact that took place during a night in which both were alone at home and that would lead him to look for her.

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By joining the FBI, Mulder becomes a legend, being a leading agent and researcher. However, his taste for paranormal cases makes him earn certain teasing. But this does not stop Mulder in his eagerness to find the truth, because he simply thinks it is a matter of time and belief. A vision that many times he applies with his partner Dana Scully.

Mulder: Do you believe in the existence of aliens?

Scully: I would have to logically say no. Given the enormous distances that would have to be traversed in space, the necessary energy would be excessive for the capacity of a spacecraft

Mulder: Conventional theories …

Scully: The answers are there, you just have to know how to look for them.

Mulder: That's where FBI's ‘I’ comes from.

Mulder: I will not give up. Not while the truth is out there.


Dana Scully is an FBI agent graduated in Physical Sciences and Medicine. She was assigned as a partner of Fox Mulder, in order to write reports detailing the legitimacy of the investigations carried out by her partner of the so-called “X Files”. With this they sought to make Scully discredit Mulder's work and could put him aside.

However, they get the opposite effect. As he delves into the cases, his tolerance for accepting explanations beyond science grows in Scully, while increasing confidence in his tenacious companion. For Mulder, who at first believed her a spy, in a short time she checks the integrity of her new partner and decides to trust her, to the point of being Scully the only person who achieves this from him.

Scully: I'm scared. I am afraid to believe.

Scully: Don't look for something you don't want to find.



Science fiction will always have a special place in our lives and society. Not only because it allows us to imagine worlds far from our current reality, but because it allows us to imagine the future reality in which our world can become. Series like Stark trek They clearly show us that science fiction can be more than just imagination. But it can be the source of technology and currents of thought and social order that we want to achieve as a society.

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