As I have said many times, today having a presence on the Internet is essential for visibility.

Many times, when they design a website you are guided at a visual level, for what you like, but will it be really effective? For this we must know the method F.

The way to read a web

The Method F is actually the way to read on web pages. I give you an example.

Imagine you have a book in front of you. When reading, you are sure to read each word, each sentence and each paragraph. Some may read sauteed words, phrases or paragraphs and still know what the author means.

On the Internet it is not read, it is scanned. Only if the reader is interested in what, in a first analysis he has seen and read, he stops and reads it well. And that for business is important.

To give you an idea, every user that comes to your website will take about 3 seconds to know if you are what you are looking for or it leaves your website because it finds nothing. And that is why it is so important that it is well designed, not only visually, but also with the right texts.

Formerly it was said that a web page should be designed according to the letter Z because the eyes moved that way (which is how many read a book). However, experts have done studies and finally what really works is the letter F).

To see if your website complies with this, How about you draw an F mentally? Is the content interesting or does it bore you? That will happen to your users.

And it will be time to change.

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