Learn how update WhatsApp for free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, to have the latest features of the most popular messaging application in the world.

If you have an Android or iOS mobile device with an old version of Whatsapp, you should know that this does not include the latest news and may be vulnerable to attacks.

That is why here we show you how to download the final and beta version of WhatsApp, so that you are the first of your friends to try their latest news.

Why upgrade to the final version of WhatsApp

Before you see how to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp, let us show you the reasons why you should update the app: new features and vulnerability correction.

New features of WhatsApp Messenger

These are the New and new features available in the latest version of the application released this year:

  • Play consecutive voice messages in automatic sequence.
  • See full size stickers if you press and hold a notification.
  • Check if a phone number exists in WhatsApp before saving it.
  • Watch videos while chatting with the “Image in image” function.
  • Respond to a group message privately in a 1: 1 chat.
  • Play videos directly from WhatsApp when you receive Video links from Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
  • New privacy settings to prevent you from being added to WhatsApp groups without your permission.
  • Touch ID and Face ID integration for the iOS version.

To have these and other functions, some of which are available when updating WhatsApp Plus or GB, you just have to install the latest update from the application store of your operating system.

Serious vulnerabilities fixed

Another reason to update the application are the serious vulnerabilities recently discovered and that could affect Android and iOS users:

Luckily, for the tranquility of the users, These critical vulnerabilities have already been fixed in the latest WhatsApp update.

However, if you have an outdated version of the app, you can still be a victim of those who take advantage of these bugs.

How to update WhatsApp for free to the latest version

On Android

With more than 1 billion downloads on Android, WhatsApp receives updates automatically from the Google Play Store.

However, if for some reason you are not receiving such updates, Follow these steps to update WhatsApp on Android:

  1. Go to Play Store.
  2. Touch the Menu icon.
  3. Select the My apps and games option.
  4. Find the WhatsApp Messenger app and tap the button "TO UPDATE".

This works on all Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Alcatel and other phones.

But if you get to have problems, you can download the APK of the new version of WhatsApp from its official website.

On iOS

As with Android, this popular messaging application is also automatically updated on iPhone’s and iPad’s.

Anyway, you can always Update the application in iOS manually by following these steps:

  1. Go to App Store.
  2. Click on Updates.
  3. Find WhatsApp Messenger and press the button "TO UPDATE" Which is next door.

You can also use the store's search engine to find the application and then touch the “UPDATE” button.

On Windows Phone

If you are one of the few users that still has a cell phone with Windows Phone 8.1 or 10, follow these steps to update WhatsApp fast:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store.
  2. Search for the WhatsApp application.
  3. Finally, tap on Update.

In case you do not find the application in the store, it may have been removed because WhatsApp will no longer be available for Windows Phone on December 31, 2019.

How to upgrade to WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Beta is the developing version of the messaging application in which new updates are tested before being available in the final version.

Therefore, if you want to have unpublished functions that nobody has tried yet, you should join the beta version:

On Android

Update WhatsApp Beta Android
  1. Go to this link from the Google store.
  2. Touch the “BECOME A TESTER” button.
  3. Go to Google Play and search WhatsApp.
  4. Here you will see the title “WhatsApp Messenger (Beta)” Indicating that you are a beta tester.
  5. Wait a few hours to receive a new update of WhatsApp Beta.
WhatsApp Beta Tester

If the Beta program no longer has vacancies, you can always download the WhatsApp Beta APK from a reliable Internet store.

Or, if you prefer, download WhatsAppBeta Updater from GitHub, an application to update WhatsApp for free for life to the new versions.

On iOS

To test the WhatsApp Messenger beta on iOS it is necessary to download the TestFlight application and have an invitation.

Unfortunately, right now, Betas program is full. But if you get an available space, you just have to access this link and follow the instructions.

Of course, keep in mind that being an unstable version, you may have some errors or not work as it should.

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