How to take care of your clothes: 11 tips

What woman has never dreamed of having a gigantic dressing room? If there is one thing that drives us crazy and in which we usually leave part of the salary, it is clothes. Although we have a lot, when the new season arrives we always approach the stores to know what the latest trend is. Since clothes are important, if you want them to last longer in perfect condition, nothing better than Learn to take care of your clothes with some simple tricks.

Tips to take care of your clothes so that it is always like new

Obviously, as time goes by, things deteriorate. However, if good use is made of them and they are taken care of properly, their useful life will be much longer. Therefore, if you want to keep your favorite clothes for many years, follow the next tips to take care of your clothes.

1. Separate clothes when washing

When you get ready to wash your clothes, it is essential that you do it for colors. In a batch put the light clothes, in another the white one, in another the dark one and in another the black one. Make this color separation It will prevent light clothes from being stained if colored ones fade.

On the other hand, you should only clean your clothes when they are dirty. Putting clothes that are not in the washing machine will also cause them to break down more quickly. In other words, the advice we give you to take care of your clothes is that you do not wash it if you have only used it for a few hours and it is not dirty or smells bad. What you can do is air it for a while, instead of placing it in the laundry basket.

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2. Consider the labels

If you want to take care of your clothes you must take into account the type of washing that you are going to give to the clothes. To do this, read the labels of each one. There you specify what is the right program for each one. Therefore, group those that are delicate wash on one hand and on the other those that must be dry cleaned. In the case of the latter, it is best to take them to a laundry.

Likewise, it is advisable to wash the towels and / or sheets together and not mix them with your clothing.

3. Treat stains

In the event that the clothes have any stains, before putting them in the washing machine apply any stain remover to prevent them from sticking to the clothes forever. In fact, the best recommendation is to try these as soon as possible from the moment it was produced.

4. Check the clothes before putting them in the washing machine

This is another tip to protect your clothing. Before putting them in the washing machine, raise the zippers and press the buttons. Also, check that there is nothing in the pockets, stretch the clothes well and wash it inside out.

5. Use organic products

In addition to helping the conservation of the environment, these products do not contain chemicals, which will prevent deterioration of your clothes and that you have allergic skin reactions if you have a sensitive dermis.

6. Dry your clothing properly

The way you dry your clothes is just as important as the way you wash them. Once you take it out of the washing machine, divide the one that is suitable for the dryer and the one that is not.

Keep in mind that underwear, especially bras, sportswear and sweaters is better to dry outdoors. So that the sun does not take away color to the clothes, remember to hang it upside down. In the case of T-shirts, the tweezers should go in the armpits. If you wear pants, put the chopsticks at the groin.

As with the washing machine, it is crucial that you choose the right drying cycle for your clothes. This will prevent them from shrinking and deteriorating.

If you want to take care of your clothes, once the washer and dryer is finished, do not leave the clothes inside for a long time. Otherwise they will cake and may even acquire a bad smell.

7. Use hangers to store clothes

Storing dresses, shirts, pants and some sweaters in the closet with hanger will help preserve them. In the same way, it is also advised that the clothes be ironed and folded well.

A very important point to take care of your clothes in relation to shirts is that you hang them to dry on hangers. This way they will not wrinkle and will be free of moisture

On the other hand, Do not forget to inspect the closet so you can see that it is not moldy or dirty. Just as you clean the kitchen furniture from time to time, you should also do it with your wardrobe. Putting mothballs or wipes will also benefit the non-appearance of moth pests.

8. Do not store dirty clothes in the closet

If the clothes are dirty, do not put them inside your closet because their smell and dirt will damage the rest of the clothes.

To take care of your clothes from season to season, do not forget to wash it before putting it in the bottom of the closet. In case you have the possibility, use specialized bags for clothes. These will prevent your clothes from getting dust and dirt during the months that you are not going to wear them.

Airtight bags or covers are even recommended for storing party dresses, suits and jackets, for example.

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9. Protect your clothes at home

When you are cooking and / or cleaning, to take care of your clothes it is essential that you wear an apron. What's more, it would be best to Wear old clothes that you only use to perform this type of household chores. This way you will be preventing bleach or food stains from appearing on your favorite clothes. Keep in mind that some are virtually impossible to remove.

10. Do not pull loose threads

In the case where you find loose threads in your clothes, do not pull them. The most appropriate is that the cuts as soon as possible. In those cases in which your garment is very sharp, if you do not know how to sew, go to a dressmaker to fix it.

11. Clean the washer and dryer

Finally, a suggestion that is equally important is to clean the dryer and the washing machine. Both accumulate dirt as they are used. Thus, you must maintain proper cleaning of them, including both filters.

If you follow the advice given, by taking care of your clothes with more attention, you will see that you manage to keep it for many years in perfect condition. Moreover, people will think that you wear new clothes every day of how bright it will be.

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