How to sew a blouse | TUTORIAL

This time I bring you a tutorial that I know you will love. If you like crafts, needles and fabrics, have you ever wondered how to sew a blouse. Well, today is the day you will learn! This tutorial comes from the hand of Gema, from Hi Muses. Keep reading and I'll explain how to sew a blouse and I'll tell you about a page full of inspiration.

Although my passion is crochet, I recognize that I have fabrics waiting for me to cheer with them. But I'm always afraid of not knowing what to do with them and spoiling them. So that this does not happen to you, I encourage you to download the tutorial to know how to sew a blouse. Here is the direct link:


I love this type of collaboration because I always find new inspirations that help me in my day to day. This time the tutorial was written by Gema, from the Hola Musas page. Gema is passionate about sewing and this is demonstrated in her blog. As she explains, in Hola Musas you will find tutorials, ideas, news, trends and inspiration to start sewing today.

Also follow the fashion sewing programs and then share your opinion. And I love that. Sometimes I miss being able to discuss those little things with someone around me. We don't always have someone next to us who shares our hobbies, so I'm sure you like to share your opinion with her.

As if this were not enough, Gema can help you get the blog of your dreams. I like how the page is organized, it is clean and direct. And surely if you are starting in the blogger world, all your advice will help you.

And so you can continue sewing, knitting and making beautiful crafts, go through the Blog of Hands with soul often to see what new ideas I'm working on. I wait for you!


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