How to Set Up a Corporate Mail in Microsoft Outlook 【EASY】

how to set up corporate email in outlook

One of the fundamental tasks in order to implement a digital strategy for your business is to manage your corporate email account which are the emails with the domain name of your company (

In 2019, email is still one of the most used ways to communicate on the internet (especially to do business) so it is vital to have one, of course not a free email but a corporate email.

What do I need to set up my Corporate Email?

Well, once you know how to create your business email, the next step is to configure your corporate email and leave it ready to send and receive messages, for this you will have to decide which mail client you will use (an email client is just the program under which you will receive and send messages).

In most cases your hosting provider (hosting is the service offered by corporate emails among other things) will give you access to an email client through the browser through which you will access your mailbox so you can view it from any device with internet connection.

That email client is called "WebMail" (if you are our client, you also have it) and it will be enough to add "/ webmail" to your domain and that's it. Ejm:

But not everyone knows about this option and also not all providers offer that email client, therefore in most cases people prefer to use Microsoft Outlook, an email client that comes with the Office Suite on Windows.

However, even though the business Outlook is the mail client that most businesses use, it is not so easy to configure for businesses that are just creating an online presence, in fact one of the first requests for help that we receive from Our new customers is precisely to set up your corporate emails in Microsoft Outlook.

And surely if you do not master much internet you will also be a bit complicated to configure outlook with corporate mail, so I will show you how to configure business email in outlook in the correct way step by step.

How to Configure Corporate Mail in Outlook

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand images so on this occasion I prepared a video to explain how to link and open your corporate email to outlook.

NOTE: The steps are the same for all versions, no matter if you want to configure it in outlook 2016 your corporate email or in an earlier version.

If you ask yourself “how to enter my corporate email in outlook?” In that video you have the answer to enter or enter your outlook for companies with their own domain.

Set up Corporate Mail on Android

In case you also want to use your business email on android, in addition to your institutional outlook, we share this video tutorial where we explain how to set up a corporate email on android:

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