messages encrypted in WhatsAppToday I will show you the way to send messages encrypted or encoded by WhatsApp so you have total control and security in your conversations. An issue that many people do not pay attention to day to day and that today more than ever, it is necessary to take into account, since through the mobile phone we exchange all kinds of sensitive information.

WhatsApp is the most important and most used instant messaging application worldwide today. Millions of messages are sent daily that facilitate communications globally at unsuspected levels just a decade ago.

The use of WhatsApp is not limited to everyday conversations. Many users use their services to write about much more serious matters, which, from falling into the wrong hands could lead to a headache for those involved.

During the early stages, WhatsApp conversations were insecure, so a third party using the appropriate means could visualize the conversation of two people. This ruling was recognized by the company and solved a long time ago.

Although The company has improved the security aspect significantly over the years to the point of offering end-to-end encryption in all its messages. However, for many users this is not enough, so they have had to develop other tools for message encryption.

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The vast majority of these tools come to represent a complement that prevents unscrupulous eyes from being aware of what you write or are reading, since the real security lies in WhatsApp's own encryption that until today has remained invulnerable.

For this reason, today we bring you a step-by-step tutorial on how to send encrypted or encoded messages on WhatsApp, so you can send texts to other people with the total peace of mind that the text will only be read by the recipient and not by a third person.

Send encrypted or encrypted messages with Text Converter Encoder Decoder

To complement the security in sending messages through WhatsApp, the Text Converter Encoder Decoder application has emerged. This application specializes in the encoding of messages in different ways to later be decoded by the receiver that also has the application. The app has More than 20 different ways to encrypt texts.

Step 1

The first thing to do is undoubtedly download the decoding application. For this we leave you the direct link to the application store from where you can do with this app.

Text Converter Encoder Decoder Stylish Text
Text Converter Encoder Decoder Stylish Text

This application has the negligible figure of more than 500,000 downloads in the Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android devices with operating system version 4.0 or higher, so since it is an old version, the vast majority of models are compatible with this application. We have also been able to observe that is being updated regularly.

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Step 2

Once you have taken a look at the application, there is nothing left but to make it work. The process is fairly simple. First of all you must start the app to see the options it offers you. After that you must place yourself in the upper text box in which you must write the phrase or sentence you want to code.

There is no text limit to write at the top, however, keep in mind that The longer the text the encoding will be slowed by the greater amount of message to be processed. It is advisable to copy the text and paste it from another place, instead of writing it, so that the coding is carried out all at once.

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Step 3

Once the text is entered the next step is choose the coding method you want for the text. As I told you previously, The application has more than 20 different forms of coding that substantially reduce the chances of the code being broken.

The coding options are quite creative, binary and Arabic numerals, inverted letters and other numerous codes are used.

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Step 4

The next phase of the process is done automatically and corresponds to the coding of the text. It will be shown in the lower box without the need to click on a previous start button. Behind this, the text will be converted and encrypted, ready to be received by the other person or user.

The process is usually instantaneous, depending on the length of the sentence it may take a couple of seconds, but it usually does not happen due to the excellent optimization of the application.

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Step 5

The time has come now to share your encrypted message With the receiver Sharing the message can be done by two different ways: the first through the copy text button in which the writing will remain on the clipboard and you only have to go to the chat you want to send the encrypted message and proceed to paste it.

The second option is through the share button, which has the only option of send to WhatsApp so go directly to the application without wasting more time and with less risk of mistakes.

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Receive encrypted messages with Text Converter Encoder Decoder

If the part of sending the encrypted message seemed very simple and simple then The decryption process is even simpler and simpler. The receiver will need to have the Text Converter Encoder Decoder application installed and perform the same steps one by one: enter the text in the upper text box, select the encoding method and the decoded paragraph will appear in the lower text box.

Decoding, like the encryption process, does not take more than two seconds. It is a fast, almost instantaneous process, which will allow you to receive and process the information immediately and prepare a prompt response to the message you just received.

This last stage concludes this simple but very illustrative tutorial on how to send and receive messages encrypted by WhatsApp. I hope you put into practice what you learned in this tutorial in order to protect the information you constantly share through this already secure, messaging application.

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