How to measure the quality of a link: an approach

"If you are not on the Internet you do not exist." This axiom has a huge specific weight in the digital world and in marketing more if possible. But it is not enough to have a well-designed web page, appealing to visit and call those who visit it to do it again later. That's great, but it's not enough. We must also focus on SEO.

Among other things, we must do our best to obtain quality links in authority media and that they redirect users to our page. Not only to receive referral traffic through these links, which will not always be very high, but to tell Google that your website is there and that Menganito and Fulanito, who enjoy some popularity on the Internet, are talking about you. It is a very good way to increase the authority of your page and your domain and, consequently, to reach higher positions in Google, which is going to earn you a huge increase in visits.

There are no magic recipes for SEO. Everything we know how to do today is the result of experience, of doing things wrong and reversing them, of seeing how those who do have good results and a continuous increase in web traffic are doing it. In short, it is about observing, copying and executing.

Before we get more into the subject, perhaps we should start with a drawer approach: everything to be measured, in other words, if we have a website, and more if it is oriented to marketing, We must be in continuous evaluation process. This includes measuring, knowing where the traffic is coming from, what works well and what doesn't. Nothing more absurd than riding something that has no capacity to adapt to the environment, especially if your income, in whole or in part, depends on it.

A prior consideration

In a previous installment we talked about how to build quality links, so it is interesting that you refresh the advice we saw so that when it comes to measuring their quality you will not be disappointed. Anyway, in this there are no magic solutions, it is simply about practice and the famous trial-error method. We cannot pretend to do everything perfectly from the beginning.

3 tools to measure the quality of your links

Posts to choose, and given the informative nature of this blog, we will focus on 3 of them that work very well. Although SEO gurus recommend not to stick exclusively to one tool, but to several.

This free online tool that Mountain View offers us It is very complete and easy to use. It is highly recommended if you are starting or if your page aspires to be a space without excessive pretensions. With this I do not mean that your project does not aspire to continue growing, but you will be able to evaluate other more complex options later.

The first thing you should do is register and verify your site, using your Google email account and a small code that you must insert into your website. Within a few days you can start seeing results of how Google sees your site. Thanks to this tool, you can also determine how this search engine should show your page to Internet users.

Obviously also provide information about your links, such as what are the sites that link to yours and therefore get valuable information on how people get to you. From its analysis we can draw interesting conclusions. If you are a newcomer you do not have to overwhelm yourself, they have a very didactic help page.

This tool is oriented more specifically towards links. It has a demo version of 7 days for just over 6 euros before going to 163 monthly. For this reason, it is perhaps not the most recommended option if your claims are not very high. Of course, it costs what it costs. It provides such a volume of information that thanks to it you can improve exponentially the way you work and help you increase the revenue generated by your site.

One of the most used functions in Ahrefs is to know how other competition pages work at the link level. What works for them may be good for you too. That possibility of spying can give you directions on where you should go or not, maybe opening new paths is the key and Ahrefs will give you the clues.

Another package of SEO tools with marketing orientation that allows, like Ahrefs, spy on your competition and find new keywords to position yourself better. You can try it for free for 7 days and then move on to one of the different plans that it offers, with the most basic one costing $ 99 per month.

It is very complete, thanks to the good amount of information it provides and the way it analyzes the links. With Semrush you can get many sites to point to yours and be appealing to Google and more search engines. With the information you get thanks to Semrush you can make your link building strategy optimal.

A conclusion

Measuring the quality of a link is possible thanks to these and other tools that we can find online.

The use of them can help us to improve our way of working a lot, although it is true that it will be of no use if we start from the base of a badly assembled website, with a poor design or with an inappropriate niche. If you wish, at MEDIAKIA we can offer you a professional web design for your business.

Before trying to improve the quality of your "paying" links, it is necessary to do a self-analysis exercise in which being realistic, keep in mind where we want to go and how we will get it. If you are a simple blogger (said with all due respect, obviously), better learn to walk before trying to run a mountain test!

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