How to get Italian citizenship in Italy fast?

Italian citizenship in Italy

Do youAre you an Italian descendant and are tired of waiting for a turn to obtain Italian citizenship? Did you know that you can travel to Italy to manage it and return home with an Italian passport? What steps should you follow to finally obtain Italian citizenship in Italy? Here I explain in 5 steps how you should do to be recognized as an Italian citizen in Italy. Read carefully from point 1 to point 5 the steps you must take, starting with getting a residence, then the Permesso di Soggiorno and finally the presentation of the documents to obtain Italian citizenship.

one Get fast Italian citizenship

The first step is to make things clear. If you are Italian-descendant and you travel to Italy on a tourist visa, there is no impediment for you to manage the recognition of Italian citizenship in the birth of your ancestor; However, that does not mean that you should not do other procedures so that your application is not truncated by bureaucratic and migratory aspects.

In a matter of time, definitely if you choose to process it in Italy, you should not wait years to get it. However, not everything is happiness since there are some requirements that you must meet.

1.1 Tourist or non-tourist? That’s the question

Remember that as a tourist you have a maximum of 90 days of legal residence in Italy. The problem comes here, it turns out that normally the process of recognition of Italian citizenship lasts longer than that time, even some Commons publish on their websites that do not guarantee recognition in less than three months. What to do then? Staying illegal is not the right way; neither is going out and entering again as a tourist in Italy. What is the solution? Get the Permesso di Soggiorno in Attesa di Cittadinanza, a special permit granted by the Italian State to Italian descendants who wish to manage their Italian citizenship in Italy. But to obtain this document you need to find a residence, a rented house or a family member or friend so that your efforts can come to fruition. In short, as a tourist in a hotel you play it, you need to change that tourist status to that of resident.

In this article I explain all the steps you must follow to get a house, manage that Permesso di Soggiorno and how to process Italian citizenship in Italy.

1.2 Can I work in Italy while managing Italian citizenship?

Physically, no; virtually yes. Physically, remember that your entry to Italy will be as a tourist and as such you are prohibited from working for any Italian company; also, when you get the Permesso di Soggiorno in Attesa di Cittadinanza (Permission to stay pending citizenship), you will not be able to perform any work activity, physically. Virtually, if you work as a freelance, before going to Italy you can sign up for Fiverr and work online from your computer making translations, web designs, photographs, newspaper articles and much more; if you don't have an account yet you can sign up here >>> FIVERR REGISTRATION. If business and investments are your thing, you can also sign up for MintBroker to buy and sell stocks online; if you don't have an account yet you can sign up here >>> MINTBROKER REGISTRATION.

And how do you charge in Italy? You can use the Payoneer service, which allows you to receive euros and withdraw them anywhere in the world; If you still do not have this service you can register right here >>> PAYONEER REGISTRATION.

So while you wait for the result of your procedure, you can generate some euros in the digital world.

1.3 What happens if I don't know Italian? How could I do?

If you are thinking of traveling to Italy to manage your citizenship, it is recommended that you speak the language so you do not have problems. But what happens if you don't speak Italian? What can you do to learn it fast? We all know that learning a language can be a great investment of time and the ideal course is not always found, that is, the one that offers you as soon as possible the tools to express yourself correctly in specific subjects. In this regard there are several online language academies such as Italki, which provide you with Italian teachers with whom you can prepare a course, for example, depending on the theme of Italian citizenship, that is, with phrases, terms, expressions and other common words In Italian they are used for this procedure. Do you want to learn how to function correctly in Italian in a Questura or in the Comune? So don't hesitate to sign up for Italki right here right now. >>> ITALKI REGISTRATION

two Get a residence in Italy

The next step is to get a residence in Italy because, as I told you before, being in a tourist hotel you will not be able to get the Permesso di Soggiorno. There are two ways to obtain a residence in Italy: the easy one, and the not so easy one; For any of them, you will need the documents that prove that your address is the house where you say you live in Italy.

2.1 Dichiarazione d’Ospitalità + la Cessione di Fabbricato

This option is nothing other than staying at the home of a family member or friend. So if you have a cousin or acquaintance in Italy who agrees to stay for a while, the thing looks good for obtaining your Italian citizenship. If that is your case, then you will need the Dichiarazione d'Ospitalità and the Cessione di Fabbricato.

The Dichiarazione d'Ospitalità is a statement that must be made by the owner of the property, stating that you will stay in his house; The Cessione di Fabbricato is a document that you must present to the Questura stating that the owner is hosting or renting your house. This last document is very important and you must submit it within 48 hours. If you do not do it on time, you will be breaking the law, and your family member or friend could suffer a heavy fine. Italian laws are very hard when you are staying irregularly in an extra-community or renting an apartment without informing the Questura.

2.2 Rental agreement of the property + Cessione di Fabbricato

This option is simply to rent a house or a room. In that case it would be necessary to make a lease and register it to be valid at the time of requesting confirmation of your residence at the Comune.

It seems simple, but unfortunately it is not so easy. At the time the owner registers the contract, he must pay a fee to the State, which varies according to the period of the contract. The point is that in the best case this rate can be high for short-term rentals, since many owners prefer not to make contracts for periods of less than 1 year.

In addition, there is the possibility that the owner requires you to Permesso di Soggiorno to sign the lease. And it is precisely the Permesso di Soggiorno What you are looking for. So in this case you could find yourself trapped in a situation like that of the dog chasing its tail. To all that it would be advisable to warn the owner that you are in Italy for the recognition of Italian citizenship, so that an agreement can be reached regarding the rental times. Now, if you are thinking of renting an apartment in Italy, I recommend you watch this video:

3 Manage the Permesso di Soggiorno in Attesa di Cittadinanza

The Permesso di Soggiorno in Attesa di Cittadinanza it is a special permit stipulated in Article 11, paragraph 1, letter c, of the D.P.R. 394/99, which the Italian State grants to Italian-descendants seeking to be recognized as Italian citizens in Italy. This means that, if you are Italian-descendant and entered Italy with a tourist visa, it is advisable to start the procedures to obtain this document, so you ensure a legal stay in Italian territory for the time that the management of your citizenship is delayed .

3.1 Required documentation

The documentation you must have to start the process is as follows:

  • Copy of your passport (all pages).
  • 4 recent passport-sized photos.
  • Marca da bollo, which is a type of postal stamp used to authenticate documents; You can easily find it in stores (tabaccaio) and it costs around 16 euros. This stamp must be pasted on the first sheet of the Module 1, below I explain what this Module 1 is.
  • A statement by the Comune that you are managing the Italian Citizenship Ius Sanguinis.

3.2 Go to Poste Italiane

Now that you have the documentation in hand you should go to the nearest post office (Poste Italiane), make sure you have the Sportello Amico window and remove the yellow band kit (kit giallo), which is the one destined for people who do not have citizenship of any country of the European Union. Inside the envelope you will find several modules, but the main one for what interests us is the Module 1, which you must fill in all its fields.

3.3 Giallo Kit: Module 1 – Permesso di Soggiorno

Here you have in summary everything you will find printed on the Module 1.

Page 1

  • Name of the Commune and acronym of the Province
  • Cognome: Surname
  • Nome: First name
  • Province of domicile: Acronym of the Province where you reside in Italy
  • Commune of domicile: Name of the Comune where you reside in Italy
  • Richiede il: Mark with an X in option 8 (Rilascio)
  • Del / della: Mark with an X in option 14 (Permesso di Soggiorno)
  • Indicate quali moduli sono stati compilati: You must write 01
  • Module 1: Mark with an X. Indicate the total number of sheets that you will place inside the envelope, that is, the 8 sheets of the module plus the number of the attached documents (passport copy and commune declaration). Here, let yourself be advised by the Poste Italiane official.
  • Data: Indicate the date you are requesting the Permesso di Soggiorno.
  • Firm: Firms

Page 2

  • Fiscale code: Italian tax code.
  • Stato Civile: A for singles; B for married.
  • Sesso: M for men; F for women.
  • Nato / a: Your birthday.
  • Codice Stato Nascita: Code of your country of birth.
  • Codice Stato Cittadinanza: Code of your country of citizenship.
  • Rifugiato: Mark an X in the "NO" option.
  • Città di nascita: Indicate the name of your city of birth.
  • Passport: Mark an X.
  • Number: Enter the number of your passport.
  • Valid but to: Indicate the expiration date of your passport.
  • Rilasciato gives: You must write 01.
  • Data of income in Italy: Date you arrived in Italy.
  • Frontiera: You must write the country where the stopover was made (if it was a direct flight, you should not write anything)

Page 3

  • Province: Acronym of the Province where you reside in Italy.
  • Comune: Name of the Comune where you reside in Italy.
  • Indirizzo: Place the address where you reside in Italy.
  • Civic Number: Place the house number where you reside in Italy.
  • Scala: In case of being a block.
  • Internal: Only if there is any identification of the residential unit-
  • CHAP: Postal code where you reside in Italy.
  • Indirizzo email: Your email (optional)
  • Fiso phone in Italy: Your landline in Italy (optional)
  • Telephone cellulare in Italy: Your cell phone in Italy (optional)

From page 04 to page 08 of Module 1 You must not fill anything.

3.4 Where and how to deliver the documentation?

All documentation must be delivered to the same post agency, both the Module 1, full, like the documents that I previously specified. The envelope must be open for a final verification by the postal officer; will request your passport for the verification of data, will enter them into the system and will give you a sheet with the date and time in which you must present yourself in the Questura – Ufficio Immigrazione for the registration of your fingerprints. Arrived the day you must present yourself there with the following documents:

  • Your original passport
  • 6 passport-size photos.
  • Original documents delivered to the post officer.

After going through the process of registering your fingerprints, they will give you a receipt (ricevuta) and a receipt (assicurata) with which you can verify the status of your request through the website of the Polizia di Stato.

3.4 How to know if my Permesso di Soggiorno is ready?

Enter the website of the Polizia di Stato through the following link >>> STRANIERI. Here you must enter the number of your procedure or the number of the assicurata and then click on “Invia” to check the status of the bureaucratic procedure.

If you Permesso di Soggiorno Now you are ready, you must schedule the date and time to pick it up. Yes in the Module 1 You entered your mobile number, they will notify you by text message so you can proceed to remove it. Remember that for these procedures you should always be with your original passport at hand.

They will make you sign a series of documents until they will finally deliver your Permesso di Soggiorno, which is a blue and red card, full of security holograms and that has your photo, name, place of residence and reason why you reside in Italy, In Attesa di Cittadinanza, that is, awaiting recognition of Italian citizenship.

3.5 How much does it cost to manage the Permesso di Soggiorno?

The value of Permesso di Soggiorno It varies according to its duration. Here are some tables of the two options and the total to pay in each of them:

From 3 months to 1 year:

  • Permesso di Soggiorno: € 40
  • PSE Stampa: € 30.46.
  • Bollo brand: € 16
  • Payment to emails: € 30
  • Total to pay: € 116.46

More than 1 year and less than 2 years:

  • Permesso di Soggiorno: € 50
  • PSE Stampa: € 30.46;
  • Bollo brand: € 16
  • Payment to emails: € 30
  • Total to pay: € 126.46

They do not pay Permesso di Soggiorno Foreign citizens who are minors and citizens who need a duplicate of this document.

4 Request residency confirmation

To be able to confirm your residence in Italy you must take Ufficio Anagrafe del Comune where you are residing the following documents:

• Copy of the Dichiarazione d'Ospitalità or Registered Contract.
• Copy of the Cessione di Fabbricato (which must be stamped by the Questura).
• Passport and copy of the passport, specifically the page where your personal information is displayed, as well as the one with the stamp of your entry to Italy. If for some reason you did not have that seal, you must present the declaration of entry in the Questura.
Permesso di Soggiorno in Attesa di Cittadinanza.

You must fill out some documents with your data and then wait for the carabiniere's visit, which can take up to 45 days, in accordance with Italian laws. But in general it will take 15 to 25 days to confirm your residence. In that period of time, the carabiniere will check if you live where you Permesso di Soggiorno He says you live. What happens if he doesn't find you at home? He will leave you a document so that you can go to the Ufficio Anagrafe so that you can give an exact time when he will find you at home. Usually, the visit is very fast, even in some cases the carabiniere will call your home to confirm the time you will be there.

After the carabiniere found you at home it will be a few days until your residence is confirmed in the system. Only after that you can enter the process of recognition of Italian citizenship with complete peace of mind, and without the anguish that you run out of days as a tourist. From now on, delay what delays the recognition of citizenship in the Comune, you will not be illegal in Italy.

5 Request recognition of Italian citizenship

As you well know, if you want to request recognition of Italian citizenship, you must have at hand all your birth, marriage and death certificates of your family branch, from the first emigrated to those that have to do with you. Each and every one of them must be impeccable and immaculate as the holy spirit, that is, without any error or lack of data, because if this happens you must deliver the corrected documentation to the Comune within the requested deadlines, and this can cause your process run the risk of becoming eternal.

Needless to say, all documentation must be translated into Italian and certified by the Italian Consulate of your country of residence.

5.1 Formal request to the Mayor of the Comune

The procedure must be done by sending a request to the mayor of the Comune where you are residing in Italy. This communication must have a Marca da Bollo, which as I explained earlier, you can get at any store in Italy. Here is an example of what that document should look like >>> LETTER MAYOR ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP

5.2 Review of your documentation

The Ufficio Cittadinanza (Office of Citizenship) of the Comune will examine all your items to assess whether the necessary requirements for the recognition of citizenship are met and verify the formal and substantial correctness of the documentation provided.

Subsequently, the office prepares a report requesting the various Italian Consulates responsible for issuing a certificate, stating that neither the ascendants in a straight line, nor the person requesting recognition of Italian citizenship, have ever renounced it.

5.3 Congratulations, Italian citizen!

After the response of the Consulates consulted, a statement from the Mayor is issued acknowledging your Italian citizenship, which will be sent to your home informing you of the positive result of the procedure.

Subsequently, your civil status (birth, marriage) as well as those of your minor children, if you had them, are transcribed in the Italian records. All this information will be communicated to the different offices involved as well as to the different Consulates. End!

I hope this information will be useful. If you are about to leave for Italy or if you have a family member who is going through the puddle with the intention of carrying out the process on Italian soil, do not forget to save this data or share it.

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