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Instagram is the most popular and most used social network of photographs in the entire Internet landscape. Currently, it has more than 800 million users (more than 12 million in Spain), and continues to increase. These great numbers have made Instagram rub shoulders with the most popular social networks on the Internet.

Even though it was a very young social network, as it came to light during the last quarter of 2010, it immediately seized the market niche with more potential today in terms of technology: the one formed by teenagers and young people. In just a year and a half he got 100 million users, numbers that no other social network had achieved to date, a circumstance that led the powerful Apple to recognize Instagram as the best mobile application of the year 2011.

And is that millions and millions of photos are hung every day In this peculiar social network. Spain is among the countries that use Instagram the most, which is mainly used through the mobile app. But what happens if a user decides not to continue participating in this social network? Is it easy to delete the created profile? How to delete from Instagram and remove our personal information?

The subject of personal data is very important, since according to the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data and its Regulations, all photographic information susceptible of collection, registration, treatment or transmission concerning a Physical person identified or identifiable, it is considered a personal data and, therefore, can be protected with the exercise of ARCO rights.

How to deactivate your Instagram account?

The truth is that Instagram is one of the few social networks that allows you to perform the download process easily. Even if you wish, you can get a copy of your photos before deleting your account. Doing this previous step is also very simple: just go to the page and enter with the same accreditation with which you enter Instagram. That is, the process of how to delete from Instagram is easy.

Many social networks offer the possibility of recovering our account if, after having closed it, we reconsidered or if we had even closed by mistake. On the basis of this kind of goodwill offered by the creators of social networks, many companies are supported to keep for a time a copy of the uploaded material (photos, videos, personal information, etc.) of the profiles of which You have requested your withdrawal.

Instagram, on the other hand, does not offer this possibility; Therefore, if not the guarantee, one can at least have the hope that, once we have given our good point to the cancellation, our personal data will be deleted for real and forever.

However, Instagram gives you the option to temporarily deactivate your account, to take a break, for example. In this case your profile, your photos, your comments and your likes will be hidden until you activate it again. Let's say it's a temporary disabling until you decide to activate it again.

The process of how to deactivate your Instagram account It really takes a short time: after logging into the Instagram website (not from the app), entering the corresponding username and password, just click on the profile image and scroll through the menu until you click on Edit Profile.

Here you can delete the fingerprints by modifying (and saving) username, email address and personal information. But if what you want is to temporarily deactivate the Instagram account, you must click directly on the option Deactivate my account temporarily, which appears at the bottom of the screen. You must fill in the reason for your decision to complete the process and that will suffice.

How to deactivate Instagram account

How to delete from Instagram and not die trying?

If your decision is firm and what you really want is to leave this social network forever, here I explain how to delete from Instagram in a few simple steps that will not take you more than two minutes of your time. You should keep in mind that when you delete your Instagram account, both your profile, your photos, your videos, your comments, your likes and your followers will be deleted forever.

In addition, once you have deleted the account, you will not be able to register again with the same username or add it to another account. And finally, Instagram does not reactivate deleted accounts. So, you must be sure of what you are going to do.

It is true that lately the option to delete your Instagram account is no longer as visible as before, surely motivated by a strategy to prevent the loss of users, as other social networks do. To delete Instagram you must log in to the Instagrama website with your username and password and then access this web address:

Once there, just fill in the reason you want to delete your Instagram account. They offer you some alternatives depending on the reason you select to not delete your account, just in case it sneaks. But if you still continue in your effort to delete yourself from Instagram, just press the red button that appears at the bottom of the page where it says «Delete my account permanently».

How to delete Instagram account

Finally, you should keep in mind that it is possible that if you try to search for yourself in any Internet search engine, your profile on Instagram appears as one of the search results. As I have commented on previous occasions, this peculiar state occurs because search engines index all the information stored on Instagram (and on any website) and save it so that it is possible to find it through them.

Thanks to the use of the right to forget, with the help of a professional specialized in digital erasure, you can request any Internet search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to delete this information from your search engine and thus be able to eliminate definitely any trace of yours that links it to Instagram.

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