How to deactivate and uninstall the Windows 10 license

How to deactivate and uninstall the Windows 10 license

One of the necessary actions that we have to carry out in order to use the Windows 10 operating system completely is to proceed with the activation of the product, that is, to record online with Microsoft that the copy of the system we are using is legal.

This activation will cause us to immediately start using the entire system when an original copy is validated, but there are times when we just need the opposite, uninstall a license that we have assigned to a computer, either to assign it to another device, for corporate reasons or for whatever reason we should do it.

Well, today we will see that the method to perform this deactivation of Windows 10 and therefore uninstalling the license is really simple, since it will be enough to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Open the CMD command console with administrator privileges
  2. Enter the command slmgr / upk
  3. Enter the command slmgr / cpky

Once we have done this, in step number two we will receive a message indicating that the license has been removed successfully, while in step number three we will receive a message indicating that the password has been successfully deleted from the registry.

Once we have followed these steps, always it is advisable to restart the computer to buy that the process has worked correctly, which has been a success and now we have our operating system without any license installed.

As you can see, this process cannot be easier, since in just three steps and with just executing two commands, we will be able to completely eliminate the license that our Windows 10 operating system has installed.

Have you ever had the need to deactivate and uninstall a Windows 10 license? Did you know that this process is so simple to perform?

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