How to combine your shoes and your shirts? Trends 2019


Summer is here and there is no shoes like Obi Shoes to match your favorite shirts and show a fresh and fashionable look. And is that summer is the best season to show a look & feel young and full of life. That is why we will give you 7 tips to combine your footwear with your shirts and be the center of attraction wherever you go.

Sandals, a comfortable trend

Sandals are the first option par excellence in the summer and Obi shoes It has the perfect ones for you. Open and fresh, its comfort at all times will not make you think twice that they are the best way to face the summer heat. It also has the advantage that they can be combined with t-shirts, shorts and other garments to get a fresh look and according to the season and heat. It doesn't matter if it's day or night, sandals for men or women are an option that you can't miss.


Espadrilles, a youthful and classic option

Another perfect option for summer heat are espadrilles. And the truth is that with shoes like Obi Shoes You will not fall short of options. With a wide variety of models for men and women, espadrilles will allow you to convey joviality and freshness. In addition to having a shoe with fibers and more natural and summer tones. The ladies can accompany them with jeans or skirts, in addition to a blouse or shirt that allows the rest of your body to breathe. Gentlemen on their side, can accompany them with shorts or shorts with shirts that highlight their style, personality and masculinity.


Flip-flops, for the beach destination

Tired of the city and the routine, then it is a good time for you to look for a flip flops for you. Dare with shoes like Obi Shoes to look for those flip flops that you need so much for your beach days. Comfortable and with an amplified message that says "Summer has arrived" The flip flops are the best option to walk comfortably in those hectic days of sun, sea and sand. Shorts, shorts, tops, t-shirts or a swimsuit are perfect complements for this shoe. Oh and do not forget the sunglasses and sunscreen to live your beach experience in the best way.


Homemade shoes, because if you're at home you should walk in style

If in summer you don't plan to go out and instead you'll be home after hectic moments of work, then the best are some slippers to rest as God commands and in Obi shoes They have a selection of slippers that you will love. Emanating a youthful and summery air, the shoes will allow you to go anywhere without problems. Enjoy the comfort of a shoe designed to relax your feet at every step you take.

Sports, for those who never stop

Are you one of those who like to stay active at all times? Then some sports Obi shoes They are the best for you. Stay active and exercising in the gym or touring the city in style. To accompany your sports nothing better than a set of shorts or sports overalls, accompanied by sports shirts or tops. Perfect combination that seeks comfort and freshness in your busiest moments.

Shoes, for special moments

If you are one of those who take the summer for night outings, you can not miss a shoe Obi shoes for the occasion. Shoes can dress you for any occasion but in summer, think first of the heat. Walking fresh is your goal and to achieve this you can accompany your beautiful shoes with loose shirts or blouses with or without sleeves.


Booties, to have a firmer footprint

The ankle boots are the perfect footwear for any season, and in summer they cannot be missing. That is why this shoe can not be missing in your closet, and Obi shoes he knows. For that reason they have an important selection of shoes so you can find the one that best suits your style. The ankle boots also look perfect with pants, jeans, shirts, shirts, blouses or tops.

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