In this guide we will see step by step how change the DNS of a .CL domain to point it to a specific hosting service. This is also known as target a CL domain or delegate a CL domain.

CL domains can be registered at Nic Chile ( that depends on the University of Chile, or on other sites selling domains, such as GoDaddy. In this guide we will see how to change the DNS of a domain that you have registered in Nic Chile.

If you had purchased your CL domain in GoDaddy you can be guided by this other guide:

How to change the DNS of a domain registered in GoDaddy

When you enter the Nic Chile panel, the first thing you will see is the list with the domains you have registered.

delegate CL domain

In this list you must click on the domain to which you want to modify the DNS. That takes you to a second panel called Edit Domain. There you will see in large letters the name of the domain you have chosen.

change DNS domain CL

If you go down the panel you will find a section called Name Servers (DNS). There you will see some fields to enter the two DNS that your hosting provider has indicated.

target CL domain

The button Add Name Server It allows you to add a new DNS, if necessary, although usually there are only two.

Then you must download a little more and click on the button Update domain data.

That is all. With these changes you have made your CL domain is correctly pointed to the new DNS you entered.

✦ Please note that this DNS change usually takes a few hours to take effect and spread completely.

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