Summer is the time when our skin requires special care: lots of hydration, sun protection, good cleaning … But it's much easier than it seems! Follow these simple steps to have perfect skin in summer.

To talk about skin care in summer I have invited my friend Valentina, the founder of the natural and vegan cosmetics brand Nalen Ayurveda. She is an expert on the topic of face care and this time she will share the main tricks for skin care in summer.

1. Make a good facial cleansing

With the heat that is in summer it is very important to clean the skin well to remove the toxins that our skin accumulates throughout the day. For a deeper cleaning you can use the little machines to clean the face, a towel or a damp cotton and, if you do it with your hands, try to make gentle circular movements so as not to damage the sensitive skin of the face.

2. Hydrates the skin

With the sun and high temperatures our skin tends to dry out in summer. To avoid it and to nourish it well try to use high hydration creams and drink enough water during the day

Daily skin care pack: face wash gel, tonic and moisturizer

3. Apply sunscreen

Use sunscreen ALWAYS, even if you are at work or at home all day. It is better to use different protection for the body and face, since sun creams for the body are usually scented and have different properties than face shields. Find one that protects you from UVA and UVB rays and apply it every 2-3 hours depending on the degree of protection they offer you.

4. Follow a balanced and healthy diet

Eating a balanced diet and following healthy habits is also part of daily skin care. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, minimize the consumption of fast food and sugars and your skin will appreciate it.

As you can see these four steps are not difficult at all, it is about being constant and trying to fulfill them daily. If you found these tips useful, share them on your social networks or sent this post to a friend who would find it useful.

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