When you buy a guitar, it is recommended that you look for the necessary tools to keep your instrument in good condition, since, when buying a musical instrument made of various types of wood, it is important that you take precautions to last as long as possible.

Each of the types of guitars that exist, (whether acoustic, electric or Spanish) need you to use different products for cleaning and maintenance so as not to damage the wood of the instrument.

Therefore, in this article you will see the most effective tips for you to have at your fingertips the knowledge on how to care for and maintain that instrument that we all dream of children to start playing: the guitar.

Here we will see tips to keep your guitar in good condition, but one of the most important factors It is the quality of the instrument. If you want more information about the best guitars in the market in value for money, you can visit the musician's Passion website where you will find guides on how to choose your ideal guitar at a good price.

Tips for caring for an acoustic guitar

tips to take care of an acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitars are made of wood, both the mast and the soundboard. Therefore, the transport, care and maintenance of this is quite complex, since it is an instrument quite sensitive to both moisture and sun.

The first detail that is recommended to keep your guitar in good condition is that do not expose it directly to the sun for a long time, as this can cause the wood of the soundboard and the mast to lose the varnish layer they carry and peel off.

The second most important advice is do not store it in the trunk, inside the car or next to devices that give off heat such as radiators or air conditioners, especially in summer, as the incessant increase in temperature can cause serious damage to the parts of the instrument. In this case, it is recommended that, when buying your acoustic guitar, you buy the textile lining with waterproof material so that you protect it from the sun and water.

The third tip you will apply when you go to use your guitar on occasion. If you want to take it out of the case at some point, the ideal is that you leave the instrument inside for a period of time to acclimatize and do not subject it to sudden changes in environments and temperaturesWell, this would cause damage to the wood.

Finally, you must be very careful when cleaning it and when changing the strings. To clean your guitar, it is advisable to use a dry absorbent cloth and rub it on the surface of the soundboard and the mast, with this, you will eliminate the dust that often causes breakdowns in the area of ​​the bridge of the guitar, that is, the place of arrival of the strings. You should not forget to rub the machine head so that the adjustment of the strings that is made for tuning does not suffer any damage from the accumulated dust.

On the other hand, when you decide to change the strings of your guitar, Ideally, change the complete set of strings, from time to time. This will help the sound to remain stable without any distortion. Cleaning the instrument is recommended every two weeks, if the guitar has a lot of use.

Tips for taking care of an electric guitar

tips to take care of an electric guitar

The case of electric guitars is somewhat different from that of acoustic guitars, since the manufacturing material is different, so it needs a greater cleaning and care system, as it has ports that allow connecting the necessary cables for amplification of the Sound and instrument is much heavier than acoustic guitar.

The durability of your electric guitar will depend on the care you give it, which not only includes keeping it well in its case, while it is in disuse, but some actions that will help you improve its maintenance. That is why in this section we explain some tips you should follow to increase the life of your musical instrument.

First, we have guitar cleaning, which you must do with a rag and a clamp that you will create with your fingers, so that in addition to the surface of the body, you clean each of the strings, going from the pegbox to the bridge. This will help your strings last longer and will add sharpness to the sound.

Secondly the hydration and cleaning of your guitar are extremely important. There are products on the market, special to perform this type of cleaning. In this case, what you should do is remove the ropes and apply the product with a cloth on the mast, then polish.

Finally, the setting and mast maintenance They are two extremely important aspects, since normally, due to the use of the guitar, the mast curves, so you must go to a lutier every so often to perform the respective maintenance, both to the mast and to the ports of entry and audio output.

Tips to take care of a Spanish guitar

tips to take care of a spanish guitar

The case of the Spanish guitar is very similar to that of the acoustic guitar, since both are made of similar materials whose greatest danger is exposure to extreme humidity or dryness. This can cause cracks or cracks in the wood of the instrument, especially in the soundboard.

You should take into account that these guitars come in wood that is a hygroscopic material, which acquires or expels moisture easily. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the instrument between 50 and 60% humidity, which will help the material not to deteriorate easily.

On the other hand, this type of guitars should not hang on the walls, because they usually accumulate moisture. For perfect maintenance of your Spanish guitar inside the case it is better that you use natural silk to wrap it before storing in the case, as this fabric does not accumulate excess moisture or heat.

Finally, for him changing ropes It is important that you do it one by one and you are tuning each string with the other, this will facilitate that the sound emission is not distorted. You should also try not to use combined strings, that is, some with twisted and others not, since this causes a terrible distortion of the sound and reduces the life of the mast and pegs.

With these tips that have been given, you can have any type of guitar without any problem and know how to take care of it without having to doubt or without having to return to the music store where you bought the instrument. So, cheer up and take care of your guitar so you can continue to cheer with your music the people you have next to you.

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