How the Mayans dressed in each situation

The Maya, known as one of the oldest and most prominent indigenous civilizations of humanity, have interesting details in their general history. Both their customs and their discoveries are a treasure for Mexico and the South American continent. Therefore, it is not surprising that his clothing is a topic of interest among scholars and researchers. Do you also want to know how the Mayans dressed? Then read on, we'll tell you everything you need to know about her.

The dress in the Mayan culture

Like any civilization, or ethnic group, the Maya have certain attributes and characteristics that differentiated them from other indigenous people, among them is their dress. This is how, they were known to be the most indigenousorLaughing in clothing and costumes.

As is well known, the Mayans revered the stars, especially the sun, and having created the calendar system, adapted their clothes to the different seasons of the year. While in the winter thick fabrics were used to cover the body, in the summer the vibrant colors woke up and were represented in light but striking pieces of clothing.

With custom in embroidery, the Maya wore outfits with a variety of colors and textures. For them, it is said, embroidery represented a sense of spirituality and connection with the earth. It is because of this that all the materials with which their clothing was made, came from natural materials. These could leave animals or vegetations. The colors, for example, were extracted from some fruits or vegetables. Also, insects were used as decoration for some pieces of clothing.

Mayan men's clothing

Mayan men dress

Men represented a significant power among the Mayan tribes, so their way of dressing was very different from that of women.

The Mayan man will get used to wearing few pieces of clothing. His style dared between short skirts that covered his private parts, known as loincloths or patí. Also, they did not get used to wearing pieces on the upper part of their body, only some accessories such as necklaces or flashy hats.

Another element that stands out in the clothing of the Mayan men is the ponchos. It was common to use them during the winter to safeguard the body from low temperatures and provide heat. This so that they could continue in a normal way with their daily activities of agriculture and architectural work.

Mayan women's clothing

Mayan women dress

The style of dress in Mayan women is a little broader than that of men. The female phenotype, from its indigenous base, has always been characterized by wearing more clothes than men.

In this case, the Maya used skirts and blouses of very fine cotton, embroidered with strong colors and with figures alluding to nature, especially flowers. This dress was sometimes accompanied by thick belts that went over the skirts, or placed on long dresses to complement the figure of the female body.

Just like men, Mayan women wore a variety of accessories in their dress. Headdresses in hair, for example, were always consistent with their outfits; of bright colors and fine fabrics made by themselves. Also, their necks could wear long necklaces, made from materials extracted from the same environment.

On the other hand, women's footwear was a key piece of clothing. They used to wear sandals made from the skins of some animals. This shoe should be comfortable and of good material so that it could last a significant time and thus be able to perform their daily activities with comfort.

How was the Mayan dress in the rituals

Mayan ceremony dress

As mentioned earlier, the Mayan dress stands out for its use of colors and embroidery. In the case of rituals, their garments transcended decorations and rags. For these cases, for example, the plumage was essential. It was used predominantly in hats and hair accessories, and used by both men and women.

These hats, typical in every Mayan celebration, were made with animal skins. Recall that the Maya revered and respected nature, so all their implements had a sacred and transcendental value.

Also, during the rituals the dances were accustomed. These could have infinite connotations, often linked to their astrological beliefs. Thus, the clothes they wore also consisted of accessories that produced sounds. Many times they made rattles, bracelets or belts with small stones, wood or leaves, to produce sounds alluding to nature while dancing.

Undoubtedly, the Maya contributed not only great findings to the history of humanity, but also taught us how colors, through clothing, play an important communicative role, alluding to traditions from enjoyment, veneration and nature.

And now that you know how the Mayans dressed, would you be interested to know more about this pre-Columbian civilization?

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