How does the loading speed of a website influence SEO?

web loading speed

For some time Google has added another factor in its algorithm to measure the positioning of a website in its search engine, the loading speed of a web.

The speed of loading a website is not more than the time it takes to load or view the website in the user's browser, according to Google the less time it takes to load a page, the positioning of the website will be better.

Why does seo influence the loading speed of a website?

This is due to several factors that are improved by having a good loading speed, among which we can name the two most important factors:

– Decrease Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitor dropouts after viewing a page on your site, that is the percentage of visitors who only access 1 page of your site and then go to another site. Google does not like this at all, because it interprets that if you have a high bounce rate it means that your site does not have relevant content for users, therefore you are lowering positions in its ranking.

The loading speed of a website is one of the factors that determine the percentage of the bounce rate, since if the website takes a long time to load, the user will simply get bored of waiting and search for information on another site. In other words, you will only visit 1 page of the site and then leave.

– Improves Indexing

Search engine spiders (who visit all websites to check if there is a new url and index it to your search engine) have limited time to visit each website and index all the urls they find, if the speed of loading a website It is slow, the spider will not track all the urls of the site due to lack of time, which causes that all the urls of that site are not indexed, generally this is only reflected in large websites that generate a lot of content on a daily basis.

If instead we have a website with a fast loading speed, search engine spiders will be able to navigate the entire website without wasting time and will be able to index all urls.

But not everything is SEO, there are two more important benefits that gives you the speed of loading a website that are:

– Improves user experience

The user experience on the web is a set of elements that help to have a good user interaction with the website, with the aim that the user when visiting the website can generate positive feelings and have a good impression of our blog , company, products or services.

With a fast website the user has a positive feeling because the information they need is displayed instantly, but if the web loading speed It is slow, the user will only feel frustration, that is a bad user experience and leave the site.

– Improves the conversion rate

This is related to the user experience, and if a website takes a long time to load, in addition to generating a bad user experience, it causes potential customers to stop wanting to buy the products or services of that website. And it is very obvious, if a company's website (which should be your best presentation) takes a long time to load, imagine how they will have their products or services.

This is confirmed by studies conducted by companies such as Amazon where they state that 40% of e-commerce buyers leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

That said, it has already been more than clear why Google indicates that the loading speed of a website is an important factor in the positioning in its search engine.

How long should a website load?

This question does not have an exact answer, but it is said that 40% of visitors close a website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load, another percentage waits up to 3 seconds and if they don't close the web and go to another web. That said we can deduce that if the loading speed of a website takes less than 2 seconds we have optimized the site and if it takes more than 3 there is work to be done.

Tools to measure the loading speed of a website

There are many tools to measure the speed of a website, but the two most important and that we use a lot in Hostingroup are Page Speed ​​Insights and Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test.

Page Speed ​​Insights

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Page Speed ​​Insights is a Google tool that will test our website and give us a score of 1 to 100 around the speed of the web, and will give us a series of recommendations to follow for improve site speed.

Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test

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Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test is a free tool that Pingdom provides us with which we can know the time it takes for our website to load, as well as see which files are the ones that take the longest to load, with this we can optimize the files that take longer to improve the loading speed of the web.

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