We are in a heat wave that has caused a considerable increase in household energy consumption, increasing up to 30%. This is the conclusion of the last report prepared by the comparator Acierto. Specifically, the entity estimates that they could pay about 180 euros more on the electricity bill.

Of course, this rise will depend on the type of equipment used in each case to deal with heat, in addition to other factors. For example, the air conditioner will be the main protagonist of this energy peak, since an apparatus of 2,200 refrigerators consumes an average of 1,350 watts per hour. In older equipment, this figure can increase to 2,900 watts per hour.

Losses are another important point. In the same way that in winter we do not want the heat to come out to save on heating and keep the house comfortable, we should not lose sight of it in summer. Especially since up to 20% of the air conditioning needs of homes are caused by losses.

Not to mention the environmental consequences of abusing this kind of refrigeration systems. We are referring to indirect emissions, that is, those that are generated in the process of producing the electrical energy we consume and that are attributed to our habits.

Tips to save on the electricity bill

Luckily, it is possible to reduce our consumption in part by carrying out a series of actions. Some of these tips are:

  • Choose the right temperature. According to certain studies, putting the air at 22 degrees or putting it at 26 can mean 30% extra consumption. Put the air at a temperature that refreshes the environment without going over.
  • Focus the diffusers correctly.
  • Double windows and glazing will be key, as well as being properly sealed.
  • Lower the blinds and run the curtains during the hottest hours. Awnings can also be helpful.
  • Make the most of natural light.
  • Ventilate the house first thing in the morning or at night.
  • Try to generate air currents.
  • Keep the air conditioner filters clean and, in general, check the appliance to ensure that it works properly. Experts recommend starting it during the winter a couple of times to save yourself surprises.
  • Avoid phantom consumption (of standby appliances).

More on how to save:

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