Although for most webmasters, perform a high in search engines It is no longer a mystery, if it is true that there are some tricks to speed up the registration process and start appearing as soon as possible in search engines.

Logically, everything takes a little added work, another option would be to wait for the search engine to find you and the search engine registration will be automatically processed.

However, in my opinion, if you just start working on your website (once you finish the development process) you give register your website in the main search enginesSurely you will start receiving traffic much faster.

Register a site on Google

For register a site on google, we usually enter here, however, now when we enter, it tells us the new process that we must follow to give a website in search engines, specifically in google.

We must first, register on google, once we have our active account (which I think everyone has a gmail account), we must send a sitemap or we can use the Explore tool like Google.

First we access the Search Console (Google webmaster tools section) and the main search engine tool and we will add our site. Once our site has been added and validated, in the Sitemaps section we can send our sitemap, in this way Google will track our entire site.

I must say that simply adding the web to Search Console is enough for google to start crawling our site, so if you don't have a sitemap created yet, you can start simply by registering the URL in the search console.

This can help us greatly to improve the web positioning of our site, also to start appearing much faster.

high google

Register a site in Bing

Well, here has happened a bit as it happened with Google, bing also decided to close the page from which you could register your website so it shows us an information that says that you can no longer send anonymous url`s to register in search engines.

Failing that, we can use what we call Bing Webmasters tools, which is basically the Google search console but in bing format, it is as simple as accessing Bing Wembmasters tools and registering our domain.

The process is practically the same as the search console, so we should not have any problem registering our site and adding a sitemap.

high bing

Register a site in Yandex

Well here the truth is that we will have fewer tasks to do to register a new site, yandex on the contrary that other search engines if you have left open your registration form, although with a but … (You have to register)

There is no other sign up to have your controller sites, so if you want to register in Yandex, Log in here, register your account and add your sites, they have a tool similar to the search console and webmasters tool, I recommend that you use it to control your positions and the way your site grows.

high yandex

Register a website in Baidu with search engines

But who uses biadu today? Well, a lot of millions of people, so if you want to give yourself high in the search engine (much later than other search engines we use today) we can register using a form.

In this case, the truth is that they have not complicated too much, they have left the registration form open so that anyone can register their website by entering here

Even if it is in Chinese, I don't think you have any problem locating the form box where you simply have to put your url.

high baidu

Well, in principle, these are the main search engines, it is true that there is DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Ask, but these do not have registration forms because they feed on other search engines.

Therefore, if you register in the search engines that I mentioned above, you will also appear in the sub-search engines or those search engines that use the results of others.

I hope you already have all your sites registered and if not, you are in a hurry to start receiving search engine trafficIf you know another search engine / directory that you consider important and want to share it with me and with the rest of the visitors, I encourage you to leave your comment so we can review it.

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