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Happy Book Day! Happy Sant Jordi! O happy Saint George! I have not updated for a long time because I am one hundred percent with the other project I work on. However, on such an important date I want to share a story that has been a finalist in Standard Fora.

Fora de Norma is an erotic story contest in Catalan or Spanish where it was requested not to fall into the usual coitocentrist practices in eroticism. So if it catches your attention, I invite you to read for free the book taken out of the contest, which is also on Amazon.

© LorenaS.Gimeno
Cover design and correction: Lorena S. Gimeno
Kind: erotic story
Written on: January 2019

I still had that dream in mind. That day the trip had been
made especially long and had fallen asleep in his seat. Bet and
wrapped in his things; grabbed at them as if life were on it.

He had slept, always in fear of going over
the right season even when you start the trip. «Why not wear the
mobile alarm? ”, recriminated more than once. But then I remembered the
Shame I would feel with her, even if no one else knew it was an alarm.
Nonsense, perhaps; But your nonsense.

As if that were not enough, instead of coming home and relaxing he had
They change clothes and get ready to attend a family dinner. I had
planned a quiet and relaxing shower with a cool beer and watching your
Favorite TV show. But no. I had to go to dinner because the cousin with whom not
He had never divorced and had to celebrate. «Not having married in
first, ”she thought when her mother had called her to require her
presence in the family home.

And yet he didn't have the courage to say no, to stay
at home and recreate in the erotic dream that had accelerated his pulse in the
train. He took a quick shower, almost cold, and dressed in a denim, some
flat sandals and a blouse that I knew nobody would notice in the good or in the
bad sense.

However, sitting at the table and greeting the four
close relatives, nod and answer questions, got to
Eat without talking to anyone else. Because even if I tried I couldn't get out of
the head that dream, that warm and fiery body that had made her discover
Many things in college. A mixture of grief, longing and excitement
extreme invaded her every time she remembered that person.

He no longer remembered his name. I may never know
I ask. Only a couple of crossings of glances in the corridors of the
ability to end up in some corner by secretly dying. Three weeks,
during the end of the last course, in which they used each other to
Get rid of all your stress.

Years later, many years later. When your family already knows
I had had enough to ask him when he would get a man, when he would have
children before he passed the rice because he was already in the quarantine …
Well, from time to time those memories came back to her in the form of dreams. TO
sometimes very real, sometimes deformed in such a way that I no longer knew if they were
memories or product of your imagination; but all equally warm,
Passionate and fun.

They had managed to have a true connection beyond
the words, a kind of telepathy where they knew what they wanted and how. Y
many had been the moments of regret. «What if I had tried
get beyond? Create a true relationship? ”Then he remembered that
relationships are very diverse and she scolded herself for having thoughts
Simplistic and topical.

Be that as it may, it had a heater that could not be removed from
over. As much as he thought about other things, he talked to people at his
around, at the moment when her mind stopped thinking the dream assaulted her
Like a bad beast

So he decided to do something he had never thought of
his parents' house He got up from the table and, when asked, said
I was going to the bathroom. Five, ten minutes … I preferred that they thought I was going
decomposition so they knew he was going to masturbate.

However, as soon as he went to the bathroom of the plant
low he found the door closed and a familiar voice told him he was going to
little while. He went up to the first floor willing not to give up but he
He found that he could not enter, either. "What if I get into a room?"
she thought desperately. But he dismissed the idea as soon as he remembered that there was no
latch in any of the rooms.

He returned to the dining room, faked a smile at a comment that
ignored. And as soon as he dropped his ass on the chair he remembered why he never
I put those jeans.

The seam, thick as a demon, was stuck in the
crotch and made a face of discomfort and pain. Someone asked if he
Something was wrong, and he lied about a puncture in the kidneys. There were a couple of
laughter about age and they returned to their politics, football and
The problems of the country.

If he got up again he would attract more attention, and he already had
Underwear too wet. So he stirred in the chair in search of
A more comfortable posture. He found it, although not as expected.

He was still nailed, but he had placed himself in such
shape that had been put between his upper lips. «The famous hoof of
camel, ”he thought almost with a laugh on his lips. But I still had something good
situation because he felt perfectly how the seam pressed his clit of
a way that forced her to purse her lips.

He focused on eating, looking down and focusing on his
plate. He moved his hip and felt a pang of pleasure. He removed his hair from
behind the ears because he felt the blood turn red. Curved down
back to put on better and felt the hands of his dreams running through the

He remembered his tongue, his teeth that ripped out pain and
pleasure. His mouth was dry but his lips dripped and throbbed. He squeezed the
cuffs on the cutlery to avoid bringing your hands to the pants and
He moved his hip again.

He thought of an excuse to go home but as soon as he looked at
her mother is noticed with her sixth sense so she returned to the shield that was her
plate. I could do it, I could do it, I could do it. He could masturbate with the
sewing of those pants surrounded by a score of relatives without being given

So he cut the steak on his plate in advance, like
the little kids. Then he made sure not to rest his elbows on the table, erect
the back correctly and prick the little pieces. In the mouth, chew
slowly and watch around like a meerkat on guard while his half
inferior made the relevant movements.

Almost But no. He stirred in the chair to change the
position and felt that it touched the orgasm when someone asked for the salad that
I had close. He turned aside, smiled and obeyed. Then he continued eating before
Someone would like to start a conversation with her.

A little forward, a little behind. I felt the beats of
Strong and loud chest in the neck. The blood flow made her start
sweat. His lower lips kept beating, dripping and screaming
A little help.

But he couldn't afford it and it occurred to him to put the
Right angle legs and tighten your thighs. He closed his legs, opened them a
bit and continued with the slow and discreet hip movement. Very nearly.

He sighed a little too hard and when they looked at her he pretended
I had a full belly. Everything was very good and she was a glutton, maybe
because he lacked something else.

He felt like he wanted to fuck his uncle
second, but he fell silent and returned to his own. «Because the glutton can't stop
until he saw the empty plate, ”he ironized to himself. He closed his legs a little
more and made as if he got well in the chair.

A little more. Just a little more.

He opened his hips and arched his back to get more out of the
ass, to smash your clitoris against the chair and seam. "There".

And in a reflex act he put his left hand to his pants
and pressed his pleasure button to fall into the abyss. He left her there, feeling the
fifty degrees of temperature and humidity of a sauna. Fortunately,
wore salvaslip. Luckily nobody
I was looking at her. He saw the one who had been occupying the bathroom and ran
before he was advanced.

He locked himself up, pulled down his pants and stroked his lips
throbbing until a second orgasm silenced her with her free hand.
His legs trembled and he dropped onto the cup.

"Honey, are you all right?" – his mother wanted to know, that
He had arrived just after her. He hadn't locked the latch so his
Mother was coming in and looking worried.

"Stress, mom." I think it has affected my belly and the
Cousin Beatriz has been here so far. Holding on has been worse
He lied halfway.

But those few words convinced his mother, for
First time in his life. He closed the door and left. So he recreated a little more
In your memories, in your dreams. He felt those hands on his body again …
But first he closed the bathroom latch.

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