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In 2003, Barbacoas Argentinas was born, a company dedicated to the exclusive import of everything related to barbecues and grills. All come fully enameled and their quality has no discussion.

The commercialization of these products has been a great success, which is why they decided to introduce the line of gas barbecues, fireplaces and wood ovens into the market.

These imports come from leading manufacturers in the Argentine market and are exclusive to Spain and Europe. Their prices are combined with quality to provide the best to the customer.

This company has a stock of all products and their deliveries are made very quickly.

Nothing better for your garden than construction barbecues. It is the best for any meeting with your friends, but you must be sure of what you need before buying it. For this purpose, you have Argentine Barbecues to advise you and buy the best.

Argentine Barbecues has models for all tastes. Some of them, the precast with a useful surface with removable grill, prefabricated grill with its parts exposed to high temperatures of fire, among others.

What should you know about construction barbecues?

Buying them is a great decision, and choosing the most appropriate one much more. Usually, these types of barbecues are somewhat more expensive; but, it will be worth it because it will last a lifetime.

A great advantage is that at all times you will be prepared to make a delicious meal because these models are always ready to turn on.

You can choose the design and size you like best; In addition, you can enjoy the comfort of always being mounted. That is, you do not have to install anything to use it.

Usually they are large; This is a great advantage since you can cook for a lot of people.

They are very easy to clean and you can use classic fuels such as firewood and coal.

There are things you should be very sure of before buying a construction barbecues; as for example, that once assembled you will not be able to change it or disassemble it. So you must be very sure of the place where you want to install it.

Another thing is that it will always be more expensive than a mountable one, but as already said you will have it for a lifetime.

Some types of construction barbecues

Brick or white stone. These pre-molded parts have been manufactured using new technologies. They are made with high quality materials imported from Usa and Europe, with the purpose of increasing the resistance of both compression and flexion to eliminate any cracks.

Brick color. This type of barbecue dispenses minimal moisture absorption, which is very important since they are usually placed outdoors or in areas that are very humid. This is one of the things that demonstrate quality and durability.

Pre-molded Binelli. They are precast concrete grills with open parts exposed to high fire temperatures and are made of refractory material. They are equipped with entangled fittings and have a lateral galvanized lifting mechanism.

Precast mold. It is prefabricated of concrete with fireproof parts and they are made of refractory material. It is equipped with a chrome iron grill and has vertically integrated handles.

Similarly, you can get:

On the web you will even find many videos that tell you how to make your own barbecue; However, it is best to be done by people specialized in this task. Remember that you can request it at Argentine Barbecues.

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