Fibromyalgia my great friend review

The idea of ​​writing this book stems from the conversation of two friends, Begoña Rivero and Ana María Collino, who decide to capture Ana María's life since she was diagnosed with this disease. Fibromyalgia continuously alters the emotional state and the protagonist shows us her knowledge of the disease through her experience.

As Ana María says:

Faced with fibromyalgia, the attitude we have will determine in an important way our day to day, our social and daily life

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that will accompany us throughout life, which causes pain, emotional changes and outstanding muscle stiffness.

Surely you know in your environment family or friends who suffer from this disease. For that reason, Fibromyalgia, my great friend It becomes a necessary book in these times.

According to recent studies published by the Spanish Society of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (SEFIFAC), the disease affects 2.4% of the population, that is, more than 1 million people, with more incidence in women.

In our day to day we go at full speed, becoming multitasking machines instead of people. Stress blocks our body, tenses the mind and Yoga can help us.

The change in attitude is born of deep respect, love and patience towards your own body. The author focuses attention on the attitude of observing, giving great importance to saying “no” in life, understanding that fear causes pain and thus, in her day to day, is transforming the way of thinking, letting herself flow through the lifetime.

The acceptance Ana María Collino comes to enjoy the present, from serenity and self-understanding and gives us fundamental advice such as:

  • The importance of loving oneself and loving ourselves in front of the rest
  • Don't let us dominate by the ego
  • Continually feel that the disease is the companion that must be taken by the hand without letting it be her who decides for us.

He proposes to live life with enthusiasm and use therapies that give us tools to feel better, such as shiatsu, reiki, physiotherapy and Yoga.

Fibromyalgia WideMatI have had the great pleasure of participating in this book with a complete chapter in which I explain the enormous benefits that Yoga, breathing and mindfulness can do for us in the face of illness.

No doubt this book instills love and respect and aims to bring light and clarity to people who, like Ana María Collino, are going through this disease. Surely, after reading, the vision of the disease and even of life, will become more positive, compassionate and kind.

I hope you enjoy this reading as much as I do.


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