Facebook listens to our voice chat in Messenger

Written by: Carlos Villar August 16, 2019 No comment 2 minutes

The Social Network would have outsourced other companies to transcribe some voice conversations in Messenger in order to verify the accuracy of its voice recognition system.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Manzana he decided to cancel his assistant's improvement program Siri due to the controversy that had awakened that third companies subcontracted to evolve said assistant access to private conversations of some users without their knowledge.

A practice as little questionable, but that seems at the same time a custom among the technological ones, since now it turns out that Facebook has done the same, collecting audio messages from your app Messenger and transcribing them later with a view, in theory, to check the accuracy of your voice recognition system.

Another sample of the vulnerability of our data in the hands of companies and platforms to which we entrust them without repairs and another stone to add to the already loaded backpack of the company of Mark Zuckerberg.

In this case, the task of analyzing the voice chat development process of Messenger in the hands of a subcontractor outside the matrix of Facebook. A subcontractor who would have been dedicated to listening and transcribing chats voice of the users of the service and whose policy would not have warned its users, nor the use of such data collected.

In theory this practice is done, as we have said, in order to verify the accuracy with which your automated voice recognition system works and the transcriptionists of these subcontracted companies were unaware of the origin of the messages. The problem is not that, but it can be done without the explicit permission of the users whose conversations were analyzed, if not even without their knowledge.

As was the case with Manzana, Facebook He has recognized these practices and has ensured that, following the steps of the Apple Company and Google, have put an end to them, but it is still another example of the poor security with which our personal information can end up in the hands of others.

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